Submission 34 to the Australian Senate inquiry into insulation installer deaths

Submission 34 to the Australian Senate’s Home Improvement inquiry won’t be published because I only became aware of the inquiry when it was mentioned on the TV on Wednesday night.

I believe that the committee should read it for it addresses key issues from a systemic viewpoint that covers a 13 year time frame and numerous lost opportunities to prevent the deaths of members of the public, of which the 4 insulation installers were merely the most recent. A whistle blower who helped to expose the rorting in the home insulation program, showed me some of the documents that he had obtained, e.g. an itemized quote/receipt that totalled $630 but billed the government $1,195.

That this rorting was possible, along with the deaths of the 4 insulation installers, was the direct consequence of critical decisions made by the Howard Government shortly after it came to power that were inconsistent with Due Diligence obligations. Sadly, since 1998, there have been a number of occasions when opportunities arose that could have resulted in action to address this failure of Due Diligence. Had action been taken on these occasions, four people need not have died and 40,000 households would not be at risk.

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