The Great Aussie Rort Rush:- a summary of 5 key events.

These are mentioned in my previous blogs but here is a concise summary:

1.The Great Job Network Rort Rush.

The Job Network commenced operation on 1st May 1998 with funding for  13 months of operations. By 31st August 1998 it was facing bankruptcy. A $140 Million top up disappeared in weeks. Like a bleeding harpooned whale, money gushed out of the Job Network at better than a million dollars per hour.

2. The Vanishing Disability Pensioner return to work fund.

In May 2000 the Howard Government budgeted $147 million to aid disability pensioners get back into the workforce. In August 2001, FaCS Minister Vanstone admitted that she did not know what if any services had actually been provided. (Nice one Amanda!)


On July 4th 2000, Cheryl Kernot, an ALP MP issues a press release that provided specific details of how the Howard Government was (illegally) imposing breaching quotas. These quotas were a misuse of power aimed at separating welfare recipients from legitimate, CONSTITUTIONAL, welfare entitlements. This program was highly successfully as it helped to put about $10 BILLION into the government’s coffers. The only downside was that in November 2005, the huge death toll from this activity had to be secretly classified as confidential. Until then, it had always been UNofficially confidential.

4. Perksgate

I covered this in my last blog, if the auditor-general is to be believed, 144 federal politicians engaged in ORGANIZED rorting in the run up to the 2007 election and we taxpayers were ripped off to the tune of $4.64 Million. Nice one guys. Taking their lead from Travelgate, a rort allegedly involving just 1 MP in 2004, decided once again that there was to much “gravity/sensitivity” for the Federal Police to deal with this case and so they went back to chasing welfare rorters. You can download this report from the following web link:;fileType=application%2Fpdf

5. Hipgate

Saying “Home Improvements Program” scam is just too long a phrase for a lousy typist like me so “Hipgate” is a more suitable term to type. Every man and his dog appears to have exploited flakey, shoddy Due Diligence procedures and signed up to stuff thousands of houses with junk. Along the way four installers were killed and several houses caught fire whilst we taxpayers paid out up to $200 per insulation batt.

Was Peter Garrett an incompetent moron or like Matthew Fuller, was he an innocent victim of circumstances. 40 years after the war in Cambodia finished, people are still getting blown up by left over land mines. I believe that both Matthew Fuller and Peter Garrett were victims of a “landmine”, a legacy of the Howard Government that is still in place today, i.e. the Due Diligence procedures set in place shortly after the Howard Government came to power. Shoddy, not worth a cent, “self certifying” Due Diligence is the common thread through all of the above rorts and the root cause of that was the Howard Government.

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