Letter to Senator Arbib asking for the missing post breaching terminal outcomes statistics.

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million Aussie Battlers have been Breached. It is especially a memorial
to the (estimated) 5,000+ Aussie Battlers who did not survive being breached.
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To: Senator Mark Arbib

Minister for Employment Participation
Parliament House


Dear Senator Arbib,

Re Post Breaching Terminal Outcomes.

As you are aware, Tony Abbott has raised the issue of ministerial accountability for “Industrial Manslaughter” in regard to the deaths of four ceiling insulation installers who were installing insulation under the Rudd Government’s Home Improvements Program. More recently, Mr. Abbott has called for a “judicial inquiry” into these deaths and the circumstances that triggered these deaths.

As a direct consequence of Mr. Abbott’s comments, I am requesting from you the specific details of the numbers of people who died after being breached by the DSS and/or Centrelink.

A former Job Club manager and Job Network recruitment consultant in the 1990s, I am aware from two totally separate CES sources that these deaths were commonly referred to as Post Breaching Terminal Outcomes.

In the above mentioned roles, I was also aware of the misuse of breaching legislation that I have reported to members of Federal Parliament on numerous occasions over the last 7 years as I have sought to obtain details of the numbers of deaths caused by this alleged criminal activity. Early this morning I spoke at length with a member of your staff whom I shall refer to as “P” because this letter is a public domain document and P did not wished to be identified in my blog.

According to P, there is no record of Post Breaching Terminal Outcomes, or any other record of post breaching deaths, in the Centrelink database! Under South Australian laws, post breaching deaths caused by the misuse of breaching legislation would be Felony Murders whilst in Victoria these deaths could be classified as Manslaughter due to Criminal Negligence. It is therefore quite possible that these deaths have been “buried” in official records under obscure terms so as to make it difficult, if not impossible for routine searches to identify these deaths.

It is also possible that these deaths may have been deliberately deleted from official records.

Shortly after John Howard announced Senator Amanda Vanstone’s appointment as the new FaCS Minister, she hit the road running to promote a $140 spending initiative by the Howard Government aimed at assisting Disability Pensioners to return to the workforce.

During an ABC interview at which both a representative of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a representative of the Small Business Associate were present, Senator Vanstone was asked if the Federal Government would be employing any of the disability pensioners.

“Oh no”. replied Senator Vanstone, “The government believes that the private sector has the capacity to employ these people”.

“I can only give qualified support for that”, said the Industry and Commerce representative.

“Welfare is the business of government”, said the Small Business representative.

Just two days after the federal budget was handed down, Senator Vanstone was again asked the same question and again responded by saying that the Howard Government would not employ disability pensioners. There was then a silent ‘pregnant pause’ lasting several seconds after which Senator Vanstone mumbled that the Federal Government would “of course” comply with its obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act.

A couple of years later when I pointed out Senator Vanstone’s indiscretions to a number of federal MPs, the ABC’s on-line database was ‘rationalized’ by the Howard Government and Senator Vanstone’s comments were no longer to be found, not even by the ABC’s on-line database co-ordinator.

In short, the evidence that the Federal Government and the private sector’s two largest employer bodies had no intention of complying with the Disability Discrimination Act was made to “disappear”. It is therefore highly probable that evidence of the breaching triggered deaths was also made to disappear.

In the interests of the Transparency and Accountability that Tony Abbott is so earnestly seeking, please find the post breaching deaths statistics and make this information available to me for dissemination to welfare recipients and the families of those who died.

Yours in expectation,

Ronald Medlicott (Christian welfare justice activist.)

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