Another fool for Christ’s sake!

(The postings in this Blog are a memorial to the more than 3 million Aussie Battlers have been Breached. It is especially a memorial to the (estimated) 5,000+ Aussie Battlers who did not survive being breached. Please, help to spread the word about this humanitarian disaster by using the “Share with a friend “link in the right hand column.)

The Australian Labour Party, like any large organization, leaks like a sieve.

Whilst at a birthday party yesterday, a lowly rank and file member of the ALP whispered in my ear that the (ALP) hierarchy think that I am a nutcase, a fool who is wasting his time in trying to get the Australian Federal Police to investigate the political corruption issues that have been raised because that is just not going to happen.

For the record, I am 100% in agreement with those sentiments.

“For Christ’s sake I am a fool, …despised, …no more than this world’s garbage; the scum of the earth”. In saying that, I am not saying anything new for the Apostle, Paul wrote that almost 2,000 years ago in his first letter to the Corinthian Church. You will find it in 1 Corinthians, Chapter 4, verses 10- to 13. (Good News version.) Sometimes, to be a faithful Christian, you just have to be a fool for Christ’s sake!

I KNOW that the Australian Federal Police will not investigate Travel-gate, Perksgate, the Quota-gate breaching murders or other corruption issues that insidiously infect our nation’s Federal Parliament. After all, I have the evidence to prove it:

  1. One Federal Police letter refusing to investigate some of these alleged crimes;
  2. One Federal Police email refusing to investigate these alleged crimes;
  3. One secret Senate confidential classification concealing the Federal Police’s refusal to investigate these alleged crimes, and;
  4. Two Parliamentary privilege suppression orders that also conceal the Federal Police’s refusal to investigate these alleged crimes.

These communications all make the point very, very clear that the Federal Police flatly refuses to investigate these alleged crimes. Individually and collectively, those refusals and cover ups are hard evidence that supports my claim that the Howard Government may have done a dirty deal with the Federal Police that resulted in the draconian police powers contained in the Anti-Terrorism Bill #2 legislation, i.e. no investigations of political corruption in exchange for increased police powers.

That is why I will continue to gently jog the Australian Crime Commission whilst getting the truth out through these blogs, emails, letters, discussion papers and submissions to government inquiries.

I merely sow in order that others may reap the benefit and what I am 100% confident of is the fact that my God is a just God who will see that Justice prevails, regardless of what happens to me. So, when the ALP hierarchy holds me in contempt and think that I am a nutcase, they are really paying me a very nice compliment. I can only say to them, Thank you for the compliment.

Ron Medlicott. (Christian welfare justice activist.)

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