The Australian Crime Commission won’t investigate alleged political corruption.

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The blue coloured text below is from the Australian Crime Commission which, like the Australian Federal Police, can apparently see no wrong in federal politicians engaging in organized rorting of parliamentary “entitlements” because this activity apparently does not (quote) come within the definition of federally relevant serious and organised criminal activity and which the ACC Board has authorised the ACC to investigate (end quote).

1. If you and I got together and organized the rorting of $4.64 Million from Centrelink, we would be buried under the pile of Federal Police and Centrelink investigators tasked to investigate our alleged rorting activities.

2. Quite clearly, different rules apply when federal politicians are caught with their hands deep inside the public purse.

3. Note: The Australian Crime Commission reports to the Home Minister, Brendan O’Connor, who just happens to be a very senior member of one the political parties allegedly involved in the rorting of $4.64 Million.

4. I believe that that is what is commonly known as “a serious conflict of interest”.

5. The Federal Police refuse to investigate complaints made by the general public about alleged political rorting activities because they have to follow “government protocols” represents yet another “serious conflict of interest” issue.

6. If you know someone who has been prosecuted for allegedly ripping off Centrelink, or is being investigated for allegedly ripping of Centrelink, have them contact me at – just send the word HELP and I will provide information which may assist in ensuring that welfare recipients get a fair go, i.e. get the same treatment as politicians, instead of being railroaded.

Check out the ACC letter below and decide for yourself if two sets of rules apply when it comes to:

(a)  alleged rorting by welfare recipients; and

(b) alleged rorting by federal politicians.


Our ref: 10/48553
Mr. Ronald Medlicott

Dear Mr. Medlicott

I refer to your emails to the Australian Crime Commission (the ACC) dated 6, 8, 14, 18 and 19 April 2010, the ACC’s response via email dated 7 May 2010, and your subsequent email to the ACC dated 10 May 2010 in which you requested a copy of the ACC’s response on letterhead.

This letter reiterates the ACC’s response to you dated 7 May 2010, which was originally sent via email.

One of the functions of the ACC is to investigate, when authorised by the ACC Board, federally relevant serious and organised criminal activity. Serious and organised criminal activity is defined in section 4 of the Australian Crime Commission Act 2002 (Commonwealth) as offences:

• that involve two or more offenders and substantial planning and organisation; and
• of a kind that ordinarily involve the use of sophisticated methods and techniques; and
• that are committed or are of a kind that are ordinarily committed in conjunction with other offences of a like kind.

The ACC’s priorities are set by the ACC Board which consists of the heads of Commonwealth law enforcement agencies and the Commissioners of the State and Territory police forces. The ACC Board issues authorisations which describe the matters to be investigated by the ACC.


The ACC can only investigate those matters which come within the definition of federally relevant serious and organised criminal activity and which the ACC Board has authorised the ACC to investigate.

The matters you have raised are not covered by existing Board authorisations. Therefore, the ACC is unable to assist you.

Yours sincerely,
Complaints and Misconduct
11 May2010
ACC MELBOURNE: GPO Box 238 Melbourne VIC 3001 T: (03) 8636 7113 F: (03) 8636 7399 W:

Don’t be surprised when you see that the government oppresses the poor and denies them justice and their rights. Every official is protected by the one over him and both are protected by the one over them. (King Solomon:- The Bible, Ecclesiastes, chapter 4, verse 8.)

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