Hand in the Till

Politicians caught with a Hand in the Till.

If you are being threatened with prosecution by Centrelink, POLITELY but FIRMLY request a written explanation of what is so uniquely different about your case that your prosecution by Centrelink is legally justified.

  1. Make your request by asking and in writing.
  2. Video record your request when you ask this question and video the response by Centrelink staff or the prosecutor’s representative.
  3. Make it clear that having asked that question, you will require Centrelink or the Crown Prosecution to answer that question in court.
  4. Point out that you can obtain CERTIFIED DOCUMENTS proving that the Federal Police have twice refused to investigate some of these hand in the till incidents involving federal politicians.
  5. If Centrelink backs down, SPREAD THE WORD by telling your friends on Twitter, FaceBook and/or YouTube. If you don’t have a video camera, send me the details and I will make a victory video for you.

“Travelgate” – Trish Draper      She took her boyfriend overseas and claimed him as her defacto spouse whilst the real defacto spouse was at home looking after her 4 children. For almost 4 years John Howard failed to report what she had done and was forced to protect himself by protecting Trish Draper when a whistleblower exposed Ms. Draper’s indiscretion. The Federal Police refused to investigate because of the “gravity/sensitivity” of the issue, i.e. they didn’t have the guts to charge John Howard. However, that is not a reasonable and valid legal reason for the AFP refusing to investigate “Travelgate” and placing charges where appropriate!

Then there were the other “mistakes”. This is not the Top 10, just a brief selection:

  1. Population Minister: Tony Burke           Almost $7,000 in 15 separate “mistakes”.
  2. Liberal MP Dennis Jensen            $13,411
  3. Opposition Health spokesperson Peter Dutton    $4,618 in 8 “mistakes”.
  4. Deputy Speaker Peter Slipper    over $17,000 in “mistakes” over a decade.
  5. Former foreign Minister Alexander Downer  $2,250
  6. Deputy Opposition leader Julie Bishop    $5468
  7. Former Opposition Leader, Malcolm Turnbull    2 mistakes – amount unknown
  8. Labour MP Catherine King     $1,881
  9. Prime Minister  Julia Gillard  “Taxigate”$438 in 10 “mistakes”.
  10. “Perksgate” 144 MPs in a $4.64 MILLION “mistake” in the run up to the 2007 federal election.

How’s this for an opinion on the honesty of Federal Politicians?

“As elected officials holding public office, Parliamentarians are expected to act with integrity in accordance with the public trust placed in them”.

Source: Page 12 Auditor-General Report #3 2009-10

What did the Auditor-General inply with the phrase “…expected to act”? He was upfront saying that they were not acting “…with integrity in accordance with the public trust placed in them”. In short he was calling them a bunch of thieves! However, when asked to call in the cops, he wimped out and buck-passed the issue.

SO, If you need certified copies of the Federal Police refusal to investigate politicians how had their hand in the till, email me at breachresearch.gmail.com

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