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A Centrelink Secret, the 6 week rule.

Below is a paragraph of legislation that probably rates right up there with Julia Gillard’s secret Commonwealth credit card PIN. Conveniently ignoring this tiny fragment of Statute Law could be worth up to $100,000,000 a year or more to Centrelink. … Continue reading

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Centrelink and the 6 week rule and why you may not have to repay a debt to Centrelink

Paragraph 1237A   Waiver of debt arising from Centrelink’s error. The following text comes from Paragraph 1,237A of the Social Security Act. Buried in almost 3,000 pages of legislation contained in two seperate Acts of Parliament, even most lawyers do not … Continue reading

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Channel 7 to be held accountable for welfare bashing segments broastcast on Today-Tonight

On 16th May Channel 7 broadcast a welfare bashing segment that was manifestly biased because Channel 7 management had chosen to ignore the manner in welfare recipients are defrauded of legitimate entitlements. As part of the formal complaint process, Channel … Continue reading

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