SA Attorney-General passes on breaching fatalities because they do not involve “violence”.

According to the acting SA Attorney-General, John Rau, Breaching Quota fatalities do not “involve violence” and that makes them legal?

(Go ahead,no violence in dumping a tonne of anthrax in the local reservoir if that logic holds true!)

  1. OK with that or does the fact that the Attorney-General is a member of the ALP, i.e. one of the political parties that created and supports Breaching, suggest that this may be a home town umpiring decision?
  2. Keep in mind that last month the NSW police reckoned that Craig Thomson was OK and now they are raiding his home.
  3. The reality is that the SA Felony Murder basically has 2 key requirement; firstly a crime, i.e. a ‘felony’ and secondly a death that results from that crime.
  4. The Howard Government’s breaching quotas were the criminal misuse of lawful authority and the breaching triggered deaths caused by that activity were ‘Actus Reus’, i.e. UNLAWFUL DEATHS.
  5. It is therefore my belief that consequently the ALL of breaching quota deaths that occurred in south Australia can be reclassified as felony Murder fatalities whether they were caused by heart attacks, stokes, asthma attacks, suicides, etc.
  6. Think about this for a moment: Breaching was the targeted and therefore deliberate removal of the only means of support for 13 weeks that impoverished people had in meeting their basic costs of living.
  7. Do that 3 times a minute for a whole year and how many people do you think will die? To believe that no-one die is totally unrealistic.!!!

Check out the following classified documents for more details. Just hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and then click on one of the hyperlink URLs below to look at these 4 links: 1-07-12 Senate classified stuff posted on the web. 2-07-12 Still more senate classified stuff.        16-07-12   More ‘don’t copy, don’t distribute’ stuff.     22-07-12  The Australia Senate’s gag on constitutional rights.

Keep the faith, Truth will prevail and we will win.

Ronald Medlicott  (Christian advocate of welfare justice.)

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