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Senate Secrets #5: Beyond Breaching fatalities; Privacy Act violations and suggestions on how to cope with attempted violations of your privacy by rogue Centrelink officials,

“Centrelink does not collect ‘Post Breaching Terminal Outcome Statistics’ and is therefore unable to assist with your request for this information.” That is a trulydisgraceful statement for if any commercial company tried to hide ‘negative performance’ information or  data’ from … Continue reading

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Senate secrets #4: The 4th violation of the Parliamentary Privilege suppression orders that are intended to conceal unlawful activity such as breaching fatalities and other serious crimes.

The need for Australia’s Federal Parliament to conceal the appalling, totally avoidable, death toll caused by unconstitutional Breaching legislation may explain why I have not yet been cited for “Contempt of Parliament” for the previous 3 blog post posting which … Continue reading

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Senate Secrets #3: More of the documents exposing the Australian Senate’s secret classification of breaching fatalities.

Centrelink’s closely guarded, classified post-breaching death toll is the key to getting the answers to a lot of “don’t-go-there” questions that Australia’s most powerful people do not want asked. As with Queensland’s ‘Dr. Death’ case, once the scale of the … Continue reading

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Senate secrets #2: More Senate “Don’t copy, don’t distribute” grave digger documentsthat help to conceal the post-breaching fatalities.

This posting contains some more documents that are covered by the 2nd Senate “Don’t copy, don’t distribute” suppression order that was posted in my last blog. Some of the following documents are NOT classified and I will leave you to … Continue reading

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Senate Secrets #1: Senate classified documents in this blog reveal how breaching fatalities were hidden from the public.

Australia’s politicians treat the nations as though they are a hybrid cross immature child of a case hardened criminal who cannot be trusted. Welfare recipients are essentially a ‘sub-human’ species whose human rights, including the right to life and equality before the law, are optional extras. Unconstitutional, human rights violating welfare penalties that deliberately place life in peril are in place and any fatalities caused by these penalties are both classified as confidential and dismissed as “irrelevant.”. In really, these falities vioplation Australian laws and since 1st September 2002, all such fatalities are Crimes against Humanity under article 7 (1) (k) of the Rome Statute, i.e. the international convention that established the International Criminal Court of Justice. Continue reading

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