Senate secrets #2: More Senate “Don’t copy, don’t distribute” grave digger documentsthat help to conceal the post-breaching fatalities.

Senate EWRE committee regards post-breaching fatalities as irrelevant.

Work Choices legislation shared common ground with Breaching legislation in that it was bad legislation that would seriously disadvantage Australia’s already disavantaged unemployed by making tham even more vulnerable to predatory employers. Some employers were misusing breaching legislation by offering workers $2 per hour and threatening to have the job seekers breached for refusing to accept a “job”. Never mind minimum wage rates, if job seekers did not take the job, they were breached. This behaviour by employers and the fatalities caused by breaching activity were, as this email makes quite clear, brushed under the carpet by dismissing the submission, and therefore the fatalities, as “not relevant”. Would any families of those who died would agree with this callous summary dismissal of the post breaching fatalities by the EWRE Committee?

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