Senate Secrets #3: More of the documents exposing the Australian Senate’s secret classification of breaching fatalities.

Centrelink’s closely guarded, classified post-breaching death toll is the key to getting the answers to a lot of “don’t-go-there” questions that Australia’s most powerful people do not want asked. As with Queensland’s ‘Dr. Death’ case, once the scale of the death toll is known, the accountability process is going to raise a lot of questions starting with the question of  who are the people directly responsible for this death toll and who could who have stopped it?

  1. For lawyers representing the breaching victims or the families of those who died there will be a more specific set of accountability questions.
  2. Are the federal politicians who created and/or maintained breaching legislation able to be sued for Breach of Agency, i.e. the Duty of Care that they owed to the welfare recipients that they represented and who were defrauded by being unconstitutionally deprived of legitimate welfare entitlements?
  3. Can the politicians, public servants, police officers and other people responsible for the concealment of breaching triggered fatalities be charged with a range of criminal offenses such as criminal negligence, culpable negligence, culpable manslaughter or felony murder?
  4. Is the legislation contained in the Anti-terrorism Bill #2 literally the proceeds of a crime and are any prosecutions under that legislation therefore legally invalid? In the wake of his recent refusal to negotiate a compromise solution to the rising death toll amongst boat refugees, perhaps one of the most contentious of questions that needs to be considered by boat refugees, and indeed the whole world,  is the issue of whether or not the man who believes that he should be Australia’s Prime Minister ‘now’, i.e. Tony Abbott, is a closet sociopath?

In the meantime, the 3 documents posted in this blog look at the issue of who knew about the problem of breaching triggered fatalities and turned a blind eye to the problem. Does anyone care to guess what the official status of these letter is? Are they public domain or are they secretly classified as confidential by the Legal & Constitutional Affairs Committee?

Grave Digger #18: Mal Brough letter dated August 11th 2003 links the former Prime Minister, John Howard, into the official cover-up of the post breaching slaughter.

Was John Howard being ‘honourable ‘in buck-passing the post breaching fatalities issue to Mal Brough instead of owning to the fatalities caused by the enforcement of Breaching Performance Indicator Target Quotas?

Grave Digger #19: The letter linking Mal brough to the secret cover-up of breaching fatalities.

“Accountability” is the word. Just because 10 years have passed since the last Breaching Performance Indicator Target Quotas (BPITQs) fatality, there is no excuse for not holding those responsible for this ideology driven humanitarian disaster accountable for their actions. Mal Brough wants to get back into the Federal Parliament and the people in the electorate of FISHER need to know about his role in this disaster.

Grave Digger #20: “The Smokescreen”” The data tables from the Centrelink customer database.

Over the decades DSS and Centrelink administrators have produced literally thousands of tables using the data in the Centrelink customer database. These table are used as ostensible reasons for demonstrating the “Sound economic management” skills of the politicians and the bureaucrats who were/are responsible for the management of Australia’s welfare system. What is important from the perspective of this blog is that they are a “smokescreen” that conceals the DUTY OF CARE data that was deliberately never published, i.e. the humanitarian consequences of the penalties applied including the continually rising death toll caused by the imposition of the un-monitored 13 week breaching penalty.

In effect, these tables allowed politicians and bureaucrats to get away with mass murder in the name of “sound economic management”. I believe that it time that the Duty of Care data was published, starting with the post breaching fatalities statistics that, as Grave Digger document #2 (See makes quite clear, DSS and Centrelink management did not bother to collect. As the other Centrelink Grave Digger document in the above mentioned blog makes perfectly clear, Centrelink management were focussed upon a “Scorecard” (their word, not mine) that placed the emphasis upon saving money, not the lives of extremely vulnerable, impoverished welfare recipients.

At the end of the day, the unpublished post breaching fatalities statistics are the key to holding politicians and bureaucrats fully accountable for this senseless slaughter.

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Ronald Medlicott.

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