Senate Secrets #8: Breaching fatalities are a compelling reason why Dr Jayant Patel may not be re-tried.

The original blog posted last week is unedited as the political reasons for not trying Dr Patel are still valid. The post last week was as follows:

“Centrelink does not collect ‘Post Breaching Terminal Outcome Statistics’ and is therefore unable to assist with your request for this information.”

That statement may explain why Dr Jayant Patel is unlikely to be retried. The legal parallels between the official concealment of the alleged Patel fatalities by Queensland politicians, public servants and police is a clear parallel with the official concealment of breaching triggered fatalities are starkly clear:

 1.Unlawful, preventable killings occurred;

2.Politicians ignored and then concealed these fatalities;

3.Bureaucrats ignored and then concealed these fatalities;

4.The police refused to act and investigate these fatalities.

 The only difference is the scale of these humanitarian disasters:

  • Dr Patel – 87 alleged fatalities;
  • Breaching – precise number unknown but 2 – 4 times the 9/11 death toll is may be a reasonable ball park figure.
  • Whatever the precise number of breaching triggered fatalities, you do not know the precise scale of the death toll because, as Neil Skill’s letter makes quite clear, the DSS and Centrelink has avoided providing Parliament with the statistical data on these fatalities ever since the very 1st fatality occurred decades ago.
  • THE ESSENCE OF TRUTH IS PROOF: Check out the following 2 tables from the Centrelink Customer Database. These are just 2 of literally thousands of data tables produced since breaching legislation was introduced decades ago and the legal significance of these 2 tables is that just as it was easy to produce fatalities statistics tables as it was to produce these 2 tables, a point that I am sure the Federal Court will appreciate when I start piling up the desktop with similar database tables from DSS and Centrelink reports quarterly and annual reports!

My July 1st 2012 decision to ignore the secret confidential classification of the post breaching fatalities and start posting documents on the Internet was risky; especially since I emailed ALL 12 SA senators and advised them of my deliberate and wilful disregarding of the “confidential” classification and the 2 ‘don’t copy, don’t distribute’ suppression orders.

 Using the Patel Case and the Crown v Finch Case (SA Supreme Court – February 2006) I am in a position to argue in the Federal Court that the failure of those 12 senators to respond was yet another example of how federal politicians have deliberately, I repeat, deliberately acted to conceal every breaching triggered fatalities that has ever occurred since breaching legislation was first introduced decades ago.

The role of the Greens in concealing these fatalities is posted in my blogs for the whole world to see. The Senate ECA Committee letter with its ‘don’t copy, don’t distribute’ order:- as stated in my comments on that letter, Term of Reference #3 for the ‘Roofgate’ Inquiry was “Any other matters”, a T.o.R. that opened the door wide to:

Any other fatalities caused by any other fraudulent activity in any other federal government programs that were the responsibility of any other government minister in any other government.”

Dr Patel’s allegedly lethal clinical practices were about a one-man humanitarian disaster in one country town over a relatively brief period of a couple of years. In contrast, thanks to a decade’s long cover-up involving the Federal Parliament, public servants and the Federal Police, we have a nationwide humanitarian disaster that makes the Patel case appear to be almost insignificant in comparison. 87 families grieve for those who died in the Bundaberg base hospital but across the nation as many as 12,000 families may grieve for those murdered by the insensitive, unconstitutional enforcement of breaching legislation!

 If Dr Patel is not prosecuted, it will be a gross denial of justice for his victims. In the same manner, it is a gross denial of justice that the Federal Police still refuse to investigate, let alone prosecute, those responsible for the act of state terrorism known as “Breaching”.

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 Ron Medlicott (Christian advocate of welfare justice.)

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