How to protect yourself from a Centrelink rip-off and perhaps avoid the ‘Welfare Death Train.’ (Part 1).

It may be gross, but the following analogy is also very appropriate; either having sex with an AIDS infected, HIV positive prostitute, or when dealing with Centrelink, it always requires EXTREME precautions if you don’t want something very nasty to happen to you.  As the following statement by Assistant Secretary Neil Skill makes quite clear, Centrelink has never reported the fatalities that sometimes were the ‘acceptable downstream consequence’ of unconstitutional breaching activity.

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“Centrelink does not collect ‘Post Breaching Terminal Outcome Statistics’ and is therefore unable to assist with your request for this information.”  (Correspondence written by Centrelink’s Assistant Secretary, Neil Skill. 18th May 2010.)

NOTE: THERE IS NO RETURN ADDRESS ON THIS CENTRELINK LETTERHEAD; NOT EVEN A POST BOX ADDRESS! It is apparent that Centrelink management avoids confrontation with their victims by hiding from them; not even a post box return address so the communication is only  one-way, i.e. top down and never back up! So much for Public Service accountability!

In just one simple statement, Assistant Secretary Neil Skill explains how post-breaching fatalities have been kept from the public for decades, i.e. they did not bother to "collect" this data.

In just one simple statement, Assistant Secretary Neil Skill explains how post-breaching fatalities have been kept from the public for decades, i.e. they did not bother to “collect” this data.

It has been over 5 months since I first posted a copy of this letter on 1st July 2012,  (See Grave Digger document #2 at 1-07-12) I have re-posted this document so that new readers of this blog can get the basic message which is very simple:

“If you are on the dole, YOU ARE EXPENDABLE” because you are perceived by many as being nothing more than a good-for-nothing, dole bludging, welfare rorting sponger who is having a free-ride at the tax-payers expense on the (mythical) “Welfare Gravy Train.”

Whilst the “Welfare Gravy Train.” is definitely a mass media generated myth, Neil Skill’s statement that “Centrelink does not collect ‘Post Breaching Terminal Outcome Statistics’ is an all too chilling pointer to the existence of the “Welfare Death Train.”

As Grave Digger document #1 from the Australian Federal Police made quite clear with its response to the ‘Quotagate’ complaint, if Centrelink rips you off and you die, the “gravity/sensitivity” of your fraud driven death will not be enough for them to investigate.

Actually, there are SO MANY breaching triggered deaths that the political “gravity/sensitivity” is absolutely massive and consequently, the Federal Police do exactly what the Queensland Police Service did with Dr Patel’s fatalities, i.e. studiously ignore them and allow the death toll to keep on rising.


 Please note:

(A) I am an over-the-hill school teacher, not a lawyer, and therefore what you are about to read is take-it-or-leave-it-information and not legal advice.

(B) If you have already been ripped off with a Letter of Demand for repayment and you are making repayments for a debt that you know was caused by a Centrelink error , you’ll find some ideas on how to get that money back in my next blog (Part 2). This blog (Part 1) is about stopping Centrelink from ripping you off when they make mistakes and over-pay you and then demand that the money be repaid. (Julia Gillard wants 15% of your welfare payment per fortnight until the money is repaid, even though the law says you don’t have to pay a cent if it was Centrelink’s mistake and not yours.)

STEP #1: Read my blog posting at

In fact, if you have the time, read every posting since 1st July 2012. If you have even more time or are REALLY, REALLY DESPERATE, read all 95 postings!


It is the key to getting along safely and harmoniously with Centrelink. This means that you deal with Centrelink in precisely the same way that they deal with you. What Centrelink does, you do too!


Go to Centrelink offices and you may hear welfare recipients shouting at Centrelink staff, but you never see Centrelink staff shouting at welfare recipients! Think about that for a moment.  Centrelink staff who shout at welfare recipients very quickly become welfare recipients themselves and so they don’t shout at people. Shouting is really dumb because 97.5% of Centrelink counter staff (called CSO’s) are decent people who will do what they can to help you if you put your case to them in a polite manner – yell at them and you risk making an enemy of the very person who may be able to help you, so always keep in mind yelling and screaming is just plain DUMB! Even worse, if the cops are called in and you are dragged out of the place in handcuffs, then the 2.5% of ‘sicko’ Centrelink staff who believe that the only good welfare recipient is a dead welfare recipient, get a free orgasm at YOUR EXPENSE, so stay cool and be polite, no matter how mad you may feel inside.


Centrelink keeps detailed computer records of their dealings with you, so you need to do precisely the same thing. If you have a computer, set up a Centrelink folder, or even set up a Centrelink partition on a hard drive that only contains records of your dealings with Centrelink.

  1. Keep a running diary of contacts and write down who said what in conversations with Centrelink staff – that means knowing the name of the person you are talking too and getting a receipt number at the end of the conversation.
  2. When you report online, record a copy of the information provided in your computer diary that includes the employment details, the income reported and the receipt number.
  4. If you made a typo error and put in income of $230 instead of $320, you need to pick up on the error immediately and either go to Centrelink or phone them to get the error corrected BEFORE Centrelink pays you.
  5. Buy a cheap document folder and store ALL letters and reporting print-outs. When it is full, keep this folder in a drawer and buy a new folder.
  6. The reality is that some people have been hits with demands for repayment that are over $20,000 because they have been overpaid for 10 years or more.
  7. So, how long do you keep these files? Many crimes have a “Statute of Limitations” which means that after 5 years or 10 years, you cannot be charged.
  8. HOWEVER, just as there is no “Statute of Limitations” on murder, rape or sex with a child, Centrelink’s attitude towards over-payments is that there is also no “Statute of Limitations” and so you need to file away all of this stuff somewhere safe.
  9. If all else fails and you have no spare storage space, open the ceiling access panel and lay your folders on the inside of the ceiling. Just don’t forget where you put them and DON’T store CDs or DVDs here!


Every time that you contact Centrelink by phone,  you get a message telling you that your conversation may be recorded “for training and verification purposes.” Those” verification purposes” also include using this audio recording as ‘proof’ that you gave Centrelink incorrect information. If the phone record reveals that you gave Centrelink the correct information and thus the over-payment was Centrelink’s error, you may be told that particular phone conversation was not recorded. There are two ways to deal with that.

  1. Option A: You can tell the Centrelink CSO that any recording must be for training purposes only and may not be recorded for any other purpose. If Centrelink later wants to use the recording as proof that you made the mistake, you can point out that Centrelink has deliberately violated federal telecommunications laws and is liable for a $500,000 fine whilst the person using the recording is liable to face a jail sentence of 5 years and therefore the recording is inadmissible as evidence that you made an error.
  2. Option B: Tell the Centrelink CSO that it is okay for Centrelink to record the conversation because YOU ARE ALSO RECORDING THE CONVERSATION FOR VERIFICATION PURPOSES.
  3. This is known as ‘fighting fire with fire’.
  4. If your home phone has a speaker, put the phone on speaker and when you finally get to talk to a CSO, use the video mode of your mobile phone or digital camera to record the conversation.
  5. When you hang up, don’t turn the video recording device off until you state the date and add your own summary of the conversation, e.g. “It’s December 12th, 2012 and I informed Mary at Centrelink that this fortnight I earned $320 working casual at Big W. The receipt # for the call was 12345, etc”
  6. Download the video to your computer’s Centrelink folder and use the free Windows Movie Maker software (or your own video software) to make a CD or DVD back-up copy. (Do NOT store this in the ceiling space!)

 STEP #2.4 – MORE ON VIDEO RECORDING: Video trumps even the data in Centrelink’s computer files! [Be advised: While I was actually drafting this blog posting, in London a nurse, Jacintha Saldanha, who was the victim of a 2DayFM Radio secret recording ‘prank’, committed suicide! Her tragic death underscores the fact that it is absolutely impossible to predict how anyone, even professional people, will respond to being secretly video or audio recorded.]

Back in the mid 1980s, the Privacy Act prohibited recordings that were not made with the informed consent of those being recorded. However, in the 21st century there are more video camera’s than people in Australia, e.g. 22 million people own over 25 million mobile phones , most of which have a video camera! As a result, recording people without their consent has reached extreme proportions as the million a day You Tube video uploads graphically demonstrate. TV current affairs and news journalists routinely video record people who do not give their consent to be recorded. In short, like the 1991 Broadcasting Communications Act, the Privacy Act has been rendered out-of-date by real-world developments.

    1. To video record a conversation you need the consent of at least one of the people, if not all of the people, being video recorded. So, either ask permission to record, or;
    2. TAKE SOMEONE WITH YOU and say to them, “I think that we need to put this on the record. Is that okay?” When your friend says “Yes” , your friend takes notes; hopefully lots of notes which they sign and date before you file them.
    3. Centrelink investigators and members of the ‘Dob in a dole bludger‘ brigade DO NOT ask anyone for permission to record anyone and the Mt Barker Council most certainly did not ask for permission to video cameras in the one place where guys literally let it all “hang out.”
    4. The “informed consent” ‘right‘ to video record is thus fast becoming a legal minefield that Centrelink makes even worse by failing to obey the law and comply with Paragraph 1,237a of the Social Security Act because secretly videoing a conversation with Centrelink staff may well be the only objective way to prove “Who said What” in a repayment of debt dispute.
    5. Centrelink’s failure to report post breaching fatalities even further compounds this legal morass because secretly video recording what information you provide to Centrelink is a form of self-defense against Centrelink actions that have led to the deaths of a number of other welfare recipients. (These fatalities are also unreported by Centrelink in annual reports.)
  1. On 6th December 2012, Channel 7 Adelaide had a news article about the Mt Barker Council setting up video cameras in some of their public toilets. Absolutely, grossly incredible, but absolutely true! So much for willing consent because we all know that ‘When ya gotta go, ya gotta go!”
  2. When prosecuting welfare recipients, Centrelink often shows videos in court that were either secretly recorded by members of the public, sometimes on mobile phones, or on professional video equipment used by their own in-house investigation teams.
  3. The major commercial TV stations love broadcasting these videos to ‘prove’ to the public that welfare recipients are evil, thieving dole bludgers, a process known as Socio-Economic Vilification, which today is the only legal form of vilification still allowed in Australia. (Download ACMA Report 2729, May 2012, if you don’t believe that statement.)
  4. “What is good for the goose is good for the gander” and in order to ensure that you do not become the victim of a Centrelink fraud, you should seriously consider protecting yourself from the 6 Week Rule Scam by video recording any and all conversations with Centrelink staff that you can,  then storing these videos on your computer and burning them to a CD or DVD back-up disk.
  5. If, 5 years later you get a Letter of Demand from Centrelink (See the previously mentioned  blog posting) with a demand to repay thousands of dollars, you can respond by pointing out that the error was Centrelink’s not yours, and under the 6 Week Rule, i.e. the ‘Waiver of Debt due to Centrelink Error” LAW found in Paragraph 1,237a of the Social Security Act, (page 604) Centrelink is legally required to waive 100% of the debt!
  6. If Centrelink still claims that you made the error that resulted in the over-payment, you can respond in writing by pointing out that you have EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE that the error was not your fault, i.e. you provided the correct information and Centrelink screwed up and you can prove it!
  7. If Centrelink will still not obey the law, give them a copy of the video.
  8. Most mobile phones can record good quality video but even lousy video will do. On EBAY you can buy Pen Cams, which actually also work as pens, that can be bought for a little as $6. The more you pay, the better the video quality. However, even mobile phone QVGA at 320 x 240 which is only a tiny fraction of High Definition quality (1920 x 1080), is again far better than no video at all. 


When applying for a benefit, be sure to fill out 2 copies of the application form and have the Centrelink CSO check and ‘rubber stamp’ your ‘file verification copy’.

  1. Always keep in mind that when providing information to Centrelink, it is best to have the key information summarized in a letter, e.g. casual employment details such as employer, ABN #, gross payment and hours worked, days worked, etc. Make 2 copies and have the Centrelink CSO ‘rubber stamp’ the 2nd copy and return it to you so that you can then place it in your (bulging) records folder.
  2. Politely ask the CSO for a printout of the information that she has recorded in the computer for your own ‘verification purposes.’  You may be lucky enough to get a copy which you can add to your file. Even if the CSO declines to print this out, you will be able to record the refusal in your records of this conversation.(Diary records are acceptable forms of evidence in court proceedings.)
  3. If you have to give Centrelink payslips, taxation records or other valuable documents, take your own photocopies of these documents and have the CSO ‘rubber stamp’ them. If you cannot do your own copying and are short on cash, ask the CSO to photocopy these documents and rubber stamp them so that you have unblemished ‘verification’ records.

 OVERKILL! Ron, all of this stuff is crazy overkill isn’t it?

My answer to that, is “No, definitely not.” Not if you have to a report that can result in long-term over-payments. In my email files is an email from someone whose father was hounded to death by Centrelink whilst another email is from someone who was hit with a bill for nearly $25,000. 

  1. Just remember the, “Centrelink does not collect ‘Post Breaching Terminal Outcome Statistics’ statement.Do you want to be another statistic that Centrelink management does not “collect?”
  2. I am a former  Job Club manager and also (briefly) worked as a Job Network recruitment consultant is back in the 1998.
  3. In the mid 1990s, some CES staff used to engage in highly illegal breaching competitions and if someone committed suicide or died of a fatal heart attack or stroke after being breached, it was written off as a ‘Post Breaching Terminal Outcome’, i.e. the information that Centrelink NEVER collects.(And thus never reports.)
  4. These people valued the weekly prize of a $60 bottle of booze far more highly than they valued the lives of the people that they were supposed to be helping.
  5. Were they nasty, EVIL people? No! They were just “ordinary, reasonable people” who were totally indifferent to the sometimes lethal consequences of their reckless and illegal actions.
  6. What you need to be aware of is the fact that some of these people subsequently wound up working for Centrelink and they may still be on the job with the same lethally indifferent attitude towards YOU.
  8. Some who were made redundant when Centrelink was set up in 1997 subsequently found work as Job Network recruitment consultants and their breaching competitions expertise found a new and far more profitable outlet.
  9. The Job Network was launched on 1st May 1998 and was almost bankrupt by 31st August 1998 (just 3 months later ) because some Job Network agencies rorted the system blind by abusing breaching legislation, i.e. sign up an Intensive Assistance client, take the up-front-sign-up fee and then breach the client and restart the whole fraud process all over again.
  10. Centrelink eventually stopped this fraud with a secret moratorium on breaching but in order to help the Howard Government avoid having to pay any compensation to victims of this cruel rort, no breached welfare recipients who were ripped off in this manner were ever given restitution of payments or compensation!


Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan are currently committed to having the Federal Budget back in surplus by next year so that they can prove that they are “Sound Economic Managers” of the national economy.

  1. With Centrelink errors running at about 3%, i.e. about 200,000 errors a year, this has resulted in mistakes leading to some $3 Billion in over-payments that, legally, cannot be recovered but which Centrelink management is committed to recovering because they receive “performance target” bonus’s for doing so.
  2. WORK FOR THE DOLE is a form of Civil Conscription. Paragraph 51, xxiii(a) of the Constitution  is quite specific that welfare allowances should not be linked to civil conscription and yet the former Breaching penalties and the current “Compliance Failure Penalties” are issued for alleged violations of “Work for the Dole” schemes.
  3. Since “Work for the Dole” schemes are unconstitutional, so are the penalties but that has not stopped either the Coalition (Liberal Party & National Party) or the ALP from pushing through unconstitutional penalties.
  4. BLUDGERS LOSE DOLE –  This news article is incredibly prejudicial reporting at its worse. Rupert Murdock does not hire idiots to be national political editors of his News Ltd newspapers. Samantha Maiden is no idiot; she knows about the Constitution banning civil conscription but has absolutely no problems in presenting the victims of welfare payment fraud as Dole Bludgers who got what they deserve.100,000 unconstitutionally have dole cut off.
100,000 unconstitutionally have dole cut off.


Another reality check – When it comes to being ripped of by Centrelink, the mass  media does not want to know and you are on your own.

  1. Recently Australia’s richest woman, Gena Rinehart, claimed that African workers were happy to work for $2 a day. ( )
  2. What she really meant was that she would be happy if all workers worked for $2 a day but whilst the constitution requires the Federal Government to pay unemployment benefits (the dole), that is not going to happen.
  3. Ms Rinehart was panned by industry and commerce leaders because she was dumb enough to say aloud what they all hope will happen one day!
  4. The more the media vilifies welfare recipients, the more people will want to stop these payments and eventually there will be a push to roll back the constitution and undo the good work of Aussie Diggers who changed our constitution and made an unemployment benefit a constitutional right.
  5. When it comes to the abuse of welfare recipients, the fraud and the fatalities are known facts that the media consistently ignores because holding politicians and bureaucrats accountable for this deplorable activity is counter to the primary goal of getting rid of the Dole.


One of the prevailing attitudes in the community to ‘the problem’ of structural unemployment and the rising cost to taxpayers of welfare benefit payments is “MACHINE GUN THEM!” Political reality is that our politicians constantly suck up to voters and what the voters want is just fine with politicians.

  1. In the 19th century, taking babies from the indigenous population was what the moral majority wanted and so it happened – for a 100 years! Legislation allowing these babies to be officially kidnapped was introduced in the 1870s was not extinguished until the 1970s when Baby Boomers spat the dummy at this appalling injustice.
  2. Look what happened in  NAZI Germany, the Jews were vilified by the mass media as “Life unworthy of life”, i.e. parasites on the national economy and as a result 10 MILLION people were slaughtered in gas chambers!
  3. Last week, I spoke to an aged pensioner who was waiting for a doctor’s appointment. He  expressed the opinion that the best way to solve the asylum seeker and unemployment problems was to “Machine gun them all.”
  4. “That can’t happen here!” you think? 
  5. So please explain to me, how come there are (maybe 12,000?) Post Breaching fatalities not yet reported by Centrelink because they do not “collect” this data from the Centrelink Customer Database. Accessing this sort of information from a database is something that any Internet savvy Year 4 student is probably quite capable of doing!
  6. Consider this, just as in Nazi Germany in the 1930s, NO federal politician, or any of Centrelink’s senior management, or any other government official, has ever revealed the death toll, or even contested my claim that the breaching death toll is in the range of 2 – 4 times the 9/11 death toll.
  7. Check all of my blogs to see how many times I have made that claim.
  8. No-one in authority contests this claim; they just continue to cover-up  these deaths.
  9. In FY 2000-01, Tony Abbott machine-gunned the welfare lifeboat with a mind-boggling 346,078 breaches (3 per minute) and never reported even one of the fatalities caused by this ruthless ‘Performance Indicator Target’ (illegal breaching quotas) activity, i.e. the QUOTAGATE fatalities which may be a four figure number!
  10. The mass media knows that Work for the Dole is unconstitutional and that depriving impoverished people of their only means of support drives some people to commit suicide .
  11. So how do you explain the  “Bludgers lose dole” news report or the fact that the mass media never asks Tony Abbott about the Quotagate ‘scorecard’?

As for the Federal Police, the following extract from Grave Digger document #1 says it all:, there is simply not enough “gravity/sensitivity” in the deaths of welfare recipients who died after being ripped off by the Howard Government for the Federal Police to be bothered with an investigation of the fraud that caused these fatalities. (US readers take note: Would the FBI ever write a response like this?) This is one of a series of documents secretly clasified confidential by the Senate's LEGCON Committee in November 2005. This decision mmay have been made after 5 weeks of secret negotiations between the AFP and the Howard Government.

This is one of a series of documents secretly clasified confidential by the Senate’s LEGCON Committee in November 2005. This decision mmay have been made after 5 weeks of secret negotiations between the AFP and the Howard Government.

Perhaps a many as 12,000 welfare recipients dead; many from highly illegal systemic rorts but the Federal Police flatly refuse to investigate!

  1. Check out the Federal Police response when the Auditor-General discovered that in 2007, 144 of the 188 federal MPs who were up for re-election apparently ripped off $4.64 Million to fund their election campaigns.
  2. Keep in mind that this fraud was reported to parliament and was mentioned in the mass media and that at the time, 10 Federal Police officers were helping Centrelink to investigate anonymous reports made on Centrelink’s fraud reporting hot-line.

AFP refusal to investigate Perksgate emailThe excuses offered by the Federal Police are totally unconstitutional and may ultimately play a key role in undermining our nation’s criminal justice system by displaying such manifest bias in favour of no investigations of politicians who rort whilst helping Centrelink investigate anonymous hot-line tip-offs.

  1. To put the above email in perspective, listen to Senator Penny Wong defending Craig Thomson in an ABC Radio News interview on May 11th 2012.
  2. She totally demolishes the logic used by the Federal Police in the above email.
  3. The ABC record of the Senator Wong interview is about 10 minutes into the MP3 file:  bst_20120511-0710.mp3


  1. That really is the bottom line. If you get ripped off by Centrelink, no-one, politicians, the mass media or even the cops will be concerned. You really are on your own if you don’t take steps to protect yourself from this State sanctioned thuggery!
  2. However, with 6.8 million people at risk, ask for help and you are bound to find it.
  3. My core message to you is quite clear; having sex with an AIDS infected, HIV positive prostitute, or dealing with Centrelink requires EXTREME precautions if you don’t want something very nasty to happen to you.


Next year is an election year and when you tally up the numbers of people hurt by breaching or Centrelink’s brutality, you have about 36% of ALL voters. This is more than enough to ensure that if they all vote the ALP and the Coalition LAST on the voting papers, then NEITHER PARTY can win the 2013 election, i.e. the balance of power will be held by the independents and minor parties. Just give votes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 on the small House of Representatives ballot paper to independents and minor parties.  Voting below the line on the huge Senate ballot paper becomes real fun if you focus on how to use the really critical below-the-line votes ( i.e. numbers 1 to 24) to inflict maximum electoral damage on both the ALP and the Liberal-National Coalition which are the major political parties, that have for decades, violated the constitutional rights, legal rights, and human rights of welfare recipients. The most basic violation being to deprive an unreported number of welfare recipients of their lives.

 In the next blog I will have some ideas for people who have already been hit with a Centrelink  letter of Demand.

 PLEASE, share this blog link on your friends on your Facebook page so that the word can be spread to the 6.8 million people who really need to know about all of these unpleasant realities.

The shortlink URL for this blog is:

 NOTE: With an Optus Seniors Broadband Plan of just 5GB per month, signing up 5,000 Facebook friends is just not viable as my monthly allowance would be shot in days! Sorry about that.

Finally, I have almost caught up with the email backlog. If you sent me an email in the last month or so, I am probably getting close to reading it. The problem is one of me but lots of you with questions. please use for really URGENT inquiries.

 Ronald Medlicott. (Christian advocate of welfare justice.)




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    • yadnarie48 says:

      I suspe3ct that ultimately it will be a matter for the United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) to clear up the mess and that investigation could take several years. Why the UNHRC? Because it is highly unlikely that any authority in Australia will take any action that could see our federal politicians, senior bureaucrats and police officers investigated and prosecuted.

      Call me cynical but I do believe that the the system protects the system.

    • yadnarie48 says:

      I am a Christian who cares for an 88 yr old father-in-law and a 90 year old mother.

      “Clearing my thoughts” is about thinking about how to write something that will help others and as a christian I have the advantage of access to a Bible. Even if you are not a Christian, reading the Bible can be great read for it has some fantastic laughs and deep wisdom, e.g. try Proverbs, chapter 31 and see what it says about how helpless men are without a good wife.

      Ron Medlicott

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      Thank you for reading my blog.

      I apologize for not updating the blog but like 17,000 other South Aussie homes, Telstr’s aging “Last mile copper wire” infrastructure broke down. Some people will be without a phone line until mid August!!!!

      Ron Medlicott

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      Sorry for the delay – I am one of over 17,000 people in SA who have been without a phone for weeks due to the phone lines breaking down. So much for “last mile copper wire”! My copper wire is 50 years old and it burnt out.

      COPY AWAY AND QUOTE TO YOUR HEART’S CONTENT. It is my hope that people will spread the word about the issues that I am raising so that welfare recipients get a fair go, a real fair go and not the phony deal that politicians talk about.

      Ron Medlicott

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