The role of Australia’s mass media regulations in the death of Jacintha Saldanha. Part 3j:- A Statutory Declaration to the inquest.

A statutory declaration to the Westminster Coroner’s Court inquest into the death of Jacintha Saldanha. This declaration was certified on 23rd January by a Justice of the Peace who works in the office of Lee Odenwalder, a member of the South Australian Parliament. (It was Lee Odenwalder who in May 2011 told me that South Australia did not have a Felony Murder statute and that it was not unlawful to engage in activities that might cause thousands of people to commit suicide!)

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I declare

That I am a person of sound mind, and being a registered teacher, make the following statements in the full knowledge that deliberately making any false statements in a statutory declaration could result in my being de-registered as a teacher. I further declare that the following statements are not made with any malicious intent or for partisan political purposes but are made in accordance with my Oath of Citizenship which requires that I uphold the Australian Constitution and abide by the statute laws of this nation.

 Statement #1: Australian welfare recipients are the target of what I can best describe as a ‘Covert Holocaust’ caused by unconstitutional “Breach of Contract” penalties. Over a period of decades, both the ‘legal’ and manifestly illegal implementations of these penalties has seen millions of financially impoverished welfare recipients traumatized, with the lethal consequences, which I estimate may perhaps be as many as 12,000 fatalities, being deliberately concealed from the Australian public by politicians, bureaucrats, law enforcement officials and informed sections of the nation’s mass media.

 Statement #2: This ‘Covert Holocaust’ is concealed by senior APS bureaucrats who, by acts of Nonfeasance, failed to collect data on post breaching fatalities and therefore did not report the rising death toll to the Australian Federal Parliament. By doing so, these bureaucrats criminally endangered the lives of millions of at-risk people, an action that the Australian Federal Police and other federal agencies with investigative powers refused to investigate for unconstitutional reasons such as the (political) “gravity/sensitivity” of these fatalities.

 Statement #3: The unconstitutional legislation has engendered a culture of criminally reckless indifference to the appalling plight of Australia’s welfare recipients that is now endemic in the Australian political, legal and public service systems.

 Statement #4: The role of the Australian commercial mass media in this covert holocaust is similar to the role played by the commercial mass media some 80 years ago in Nazi governed Germany, i.e. the mass media is actively involved in deliberately defaming and demonizing welfare recipients through the misuse of the mass media’s power to influence the national community by deliberately, lawfully, engaging in the wilful socio-economic vilification of welfare recipients with no regard or concern for the emotional trauma or potentially lethal harm that may be caused by this reprehensible activity.

 Statement #5: An ordinary, reasonable person, it is my considered belief that the death of Jacintha Saldanha was triggered by the above mentioned culture of reckless indifference for the actions of 2Day FM personnel, both in impersonating Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II for the purposes of obtaining confidential medical information about a member of the Royal Family, and the secret recording of the phone conversation with Ms Saldanha were reckless actions that were most probably motivated and undertaken for crass commercial reasons. The alleged “prank” was probably an indictable offense and under Section 18 of the New South Wales Crimes Act (1900), the death of Ms Saldanha, if deemed by the City of London coroner’s inquest to be an unlawful death, will mean that under this statute, 2Day FM personnel may be prosecuted for murder.

 Statement #6: The Australian Communications & Media Authority, hereafter the ACMA, through ACMA Report 2729 and ACMA Report 2780,  may have foolishly played a significant role in fostered within the Australian mass media an attitude of criminally reckless indifference towards the consequences of inappropriate actions by Australian broadcasters that could seriously traumatize easily identified ‘at-risk’ people. Instead of a policy of Zero Tolerance towards unconscionable conduct by broadcasters, the ACMA has implemented a compliance regime where the threshold for ACMA intervention is set at EXTREME, a level that is criminally reckless for it demonstrates an official disregard for actions that may, as proved to be the case with Ms Saldanha, be so traumatic as to provoke a suicidal response. As a legal entity that actively promoted a culture of reckless indifference that may have been the catalytic trigger for Ms Saldanha’s death, it is therefore highly inappropriate that the ACMA should be an agency that is now investigating any role that 2Day FM may have played in causing her death.

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