The role of Australia’s mass media regulations in the death of Jacintha Saldanha. Part 3k: Holocausts are Acts of State Terror as an Australian Senator just found out.

Senator Xenophon under guard before being classified as a terrorist and being  deported by Malaysia.

Senator Xenophon under guard before being classified as a terrorist and being deported by Malaysia.

The link between Jacintha Saldanha and Senator Nick Xenophon is summed up in just 3 words, “Australia’s Covert Holocaust.”

Last weekend, an Australian senator, Nick Xenophon, was detained for 18 hours by Malaysian security and then deported because he had deemed by the Malaysian Government to be a terrorist. (Can you imagine that being done to a US senator?) Whilst Senator Xenophon claimed that ‘an error’ had been made, a close examination of the facts suggests that the Malaysian Government most definitely did not make a mistake. Consider this for starters:

  1. Millions of impoverished, vulnerable, at-risk people, many with seriously grave mental health problems, have been deliberately defrauded of billions of dollars through the use and misuse of unconstitutional legislation.
  2. This has resulted in an unreported death toll (secretly classified as confidential – see the Truth burying ‘Grave-Digger Documents’ 1 – 6 at 1-07-12 ) that may be many times the 9/11 terrorist attack death toll.
  3. Even more deaths are caused by turning a blind eye to the fact that it is Standard Operating Procedure for the Australian Government’s welfare agency, Centrelink, to ignore the law and attempt to defraud these vulnerable people by reclaiming welfare over-payments that legally cannot be reclaimed. (See the “Letter of Demand” example in this posting.)
  4. Ever since Senator Xenophon won a senate seat in the August 2007 election, I have tried to have a meeting with him. However, emails, letters, phone calls and even visits to his Adelaide electorate office have all been unsuccessful in achieving this goal.
  5. It is therefore logic to conclude that Senator Xenophon has been deliberately avoiding meeting with me to discuss the mass murder of welfare recipients who died as a result of a broad range of unlawful breaching activities, e.g. the Howard Government illegal “Performance Indicator Targets”, i.e. breaching quotas.
  6. Deliberately avoiding the issue is probably prima fascia evidence that the Senator is fully aware of these murders and does not wish to either discuss them or have them officially made public.
  7. Two other logical conclusions that may be inferred from his apparently evasive actions are that he does not care 2 hoots about the deaths of welfare recipients and that he may actually personally approve of them.
  8. It is a basic fact of criminal case law that that neither INTENT nor AWARENESS are required to prove that a person is guilty of crime. Do something thoughtlessly and unknowingly that kills someone and you have committed a crime. Whilst I conservatively estimate a post breaching death toll that may be 2 -4 times the 9/11 death toll, it may well be as much as 12 times that figure, i.e. possibly as high as 36,000, just from suicides!

Whatever Senator Xenophon’s intentions or level of awareness are, by allowing the senseless slaughter to continue, he is effectively endorsing an Act of State Terrorism in which an Australian Government agency, Centrelink, is used to intimidate and defraud extremely vulnerable, impoverished people. That may well be why the Malaysian Government decided that he was a terrorist. My research resources are extremely limited but the Malaysian security services has world class intelligence gathering resources. It is quite possible that during the time that Senator Xenophon was detained that security and/or intelligence officers trolled the unnumbered  thousands of blogs and YouTube posting that contain details of the way in welfare recipients in Australia have been ruthlessly exploited.

In a perhaps futile attempt to give Senator Xenophon yet another reality check concerning Australia’s Covert Holocaust, last week I wrote to  him again. Below is part of my 3-page letter:


 If you had bothered to read a letter to you that was dated 4th August 2012,  you would have noted that you had been “outed”, i.e. named and shamed in my blog postings on the 16th July 2012 for failing to discuss these death toll caused by unconstitutional Breaching/Compliance failure Penalty legislation.

  1.  A lawyer and a legislator, you are well aware, when it comes to Defamation actions in Australian courts, the only acceptable defence is truth.
  2. Since neither you nor any other federal politician, public servant or police officer identified in my blog posting as being part of the wall of silence that conceals a humanitarian disaster of holocaust proportions has sued me for defamation, I am of the belief that this may be due to a need to avoid having the truth of these issues put before a (federal) court.
  3. Malaysia has an extremely competent national intelligence gathering service and the content of my webpage provides a wealth of easily verified data about the wall of official secrecy that surrounds the breaching triggered death toll.
  4. Information that took me years to gather could have been sourced, evaluated, and verified in less than half a day by Malaysia’s extremely competent intelligence gathering services.
  5. There are literally thousands of pages of evidence that confirm the secrecy surrounding breaching fatalities, starting with the annual reports of the now defunct CES and DSS.
  6. Malaysian lawyers are not idiots; confirming my viewpoint that breaching legislation is unconstitutional would have only taken the few minutes required to download the constitution and read and evaluate paragraphs 51 (xxiiia) and paragraph 75  (c).

 Since the unconstitutional breaching legislation was introduced decades ago, almost 100,000 Australian citizens have committed suicide. The largest category of suicide victims were unemployed people who suffered from depression. In FY 2000-01, Breaching was:

 “The targeted, and therefore deliberate, removal of the only means of financial support from emotionally vulnerable, fragile, financially impoverished who had no other means of financial support, so that for a period of 3 months, they were unable to meet the basic costs of living.”

In FY 2000-01, Tony Abbott and Amanda Vanstone breached 346,078 people, many of whom had serious mental health problems.

  1. If recent mental health adverts on television are any guide, one person in five in South Australia has a mental health problem that requires compassionate treatment.
  2. Such a large community mental health problem raises the issue of criminal negligence in deliberately concealing the death toll caused by unconstitutional breaching/compliance failure penalties.

When you are breaching emotionally fragile, financially impoverished people at the rate of 3 per minute, how often do fatalities occur? Does one every 10 hours sound about right or is that way too low?  You have been “outed” because ever since you were elected to the Senate, you have apparently been deliberately avoiding that ‘Duty of Agency’ question. Emails, letters, phone calls, and even visits to your Adelaide electorate office have all failed to produce even one appointment. Is it any wonder that I “outed” you, or that in a matter of hours the Malaysian Government found the empirical evidence needed to classify you as a terrorist?

 It is an ill wind that blows no good. Having being classified as a terrorist by the Malaysian Government is additional evidence that the Australian Parliament has for years been engaging in “An Act of State Terrorism” that targets a social minority group, i.e. welfare recipients. My conservative estimate is that breaching triggered suicides alone may have caused a death toll that is 2 – 4 times the ‘9/11’ terrorist death toll. Toss in fatal heart attacks, strokes and fatalities caused because victims had no money to buy life preserving medications and the figure skyrockets! Consequently I fully endorse the Malaysian Government’s decision to classify you as terrorist.

 The other way that Centrelink has been murdering people.

 (NOTE: This is not ancient history.)

 On 14 January 2013, I went to the Centrelink office at Elizabeth and handed over an A4 sized  envelope containing numerous documents including the infamous Neil Skill “Centrelink doe not collect…” letter. I asked the Customer Service Office (CSO) why Centrelink was not complying with paragraph 1,237a of the Social Security Act? The CSO did not know what I was talking about and so said “The 6 Week Rule.”  “Oh” said the CSO, “They can always appeal.”

 “Not if they are so traumatized that they either commit suicide or have a fatal stroke or heart attack” I responded. I then pointed out that under SA criminal laws, such fatalities that stem from an attempt to con welfare recipients into making repayments that do not have to be paid are deaths that result from an indictable offense, Fraud, and therefore such deaths are Felony Murders.

 A redacted letter of Demand.

 Centrelink's "shock and awe" tactics include a letter of Demand that may be deliberately misleading for "the law' requires that Centrelink totally waive any debt if they do not pick their overpayment error within 6 weeks. NOTE: It has to totally Centrelink's error.

Centrelink’s “shock and awe” tactics include a letter of Demand that may be deliberately misleading for “the law’ actually  requires that Centrelink totally waive any debt if they do not detect their overpayment error within 6 weeks of making that error. .Please note that the error has to be totally Centrelink’s error which occurs regularly for Centrelink has an annual error rate of  about 2.5 -3% . With approximately 6.8 million clients, that is actually a huge number of errors!
  1. This is a genuine Letter of Demand. Note that the letter acknowledges that Centrelink made an error and overpaid almost $8,000.
  2.  Paragraph 1,237a of the Social Security Act is quite explicit that “The Secretary must waive” 100% of any debt”  caused by Centrelink error.
  3.  The shocking reality is that it is Standard Operating Procedure to both totally ignore and to conceal this law.
  4. Read ACMA Report 2729 which is about the role played by SAS 7 in helping Centrelink with this sometimes lethal fraud.

As a Senator for South Australia, you have a “Duty of Agency” not to ignore either post breaching fatalities or the “Letter of Demand” triggered fatalities. You also have a Common Law “duty of care”  to every welfare recipient in South Australia, all 160,000 of them who vote, as well their dependents who do not vote!


Just as Senator Xenophon has chosen to turn a blind eye to the massive fraud and senseless slaughter of welfare recipients, so have many of his parliamentary peers.

  1. To all intents and purposes, the Australian Federal Parliament is a terrorist organization that values ideology and money ahead of the welfare of Australia’s impoverished.
  2. The only perceived value of the nation’s unemployed is that they provide “an ultra-cheap, flexible labour market.”
  3. The problem with this is that even “ultra-cheap” is seen by politicians, industry and commerce moguls, and many middle-class tax-payers, as being too costly.
  4. As Gena Reihart’s infamous “…happy to work for $2 a day” statement ( ) made very clear, some Australians baulk  at paying more than $2 a day to the employed so having to leave the unemployed with absolutely no means of survival is obviously quite acceptable to those who place GREED ahead of Huanity.
  5. “Greed is NOT good.” Greed is very bad, especially when in the name of “Sound economic management” or “A fair go”, vulnerable people are exploited and callously slaughtered.

Equally sickening is the role played by Australia’s mass media in encouraging the ruthless exploitation and deliberate vilification of Australia’s poor.

20-10-11 Bludgers loose dole

  1. The the fact that the breaching process is unconstitutional is not mentioned.
  2. The fact that a welfare allowance is a constitutional right is not mentioned.
  3. the appalling death toll caused by this activity is not mentioned.
  4. deliberate demonizing, defaming and demoralizing unemployed people may be the core reason why unemployed people make up the core of Australia’s suicides but this is callously, ruthlessly ignored by the mass media and the nation’s mass media regulator, the Australian Communications & Media Authority.

I do not resile from my opening comments in Part 2 of submission to the Saldanha inquest: when Jacintha Saldanha answered the 2Day FM call, thanks to Australia’s shonky and almost totally ineffective mass media regulations, she was in grave danger of being ruthlessly and callously exploited and therefore she was as in as much danger as if she was standing in front of a runaway express train.

  1. At the end of the day, neither Australia’s federal politicians nor the mass media see themselves as being accountable before the law. As for Craig Thomson, he is the proverbial “exception that proves the rule.”
  2. The available evidence, if viewed as impartially as the Malaysian Government appears to have done when reviewing the mountains of information concerning Senator Xenpohon’s activities, attitudes and beliefs, strongly indicates that Australia’s welfare recipients are the victims of vicious, ruthless and deadly exploitation by the Australian federal parliament and the Australian mass media.

As stated previously, neither INTENT nor AWARENESS to prove guilt when a crime is committed. That principle applies to Australia’s federal politicians, to the mass media in general, and to the illegally recorded 2Day FM program in particular.

Therefore I am of the opinion that Jacintha Saldanha is as much a victim of Australia’s covert holocaust as any of the millions of Australian welfare recipients who have been ruthlessly exploited by the Australian Federal Parliament and viciously defamed and demonized by Australia’s mass media.

Happy Anniversary – or is it?

3 years ago from today, on February 24th 2010, I posted my first blog dealing with the way in which welfare recipients are abused and exploited by the system.

  1. In Australian courts, the only acceptable defense against Defamation is TRUTH.
  2. Over 100 of the 107 blog postings deal with the Australian Covert Holocaust issues.I have not been sued and I have not been jailed for Contempt of Parliament.
  3. However, Senator Xenophon, and by imputation all of his federal parliamentary peers, have been accused of being a terrorist!

It kind of makes you think doesn’t it?

Ronald Medlicott.  – A Christian advocate for welfare justice.

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