The role of Australia’s mass media regulations in the death of Jacintha Saldanha. Conclusion: Should injustice prevail so that Jacintha’s death means nothing?

jacintha saldanha suicide notes

True or false? One of the primary reasons why Jacintha Saldanha died was because Australia’s mass media regulations failed to protect her. Whilst English laws require that a coronal inquest consider all the relevant factors in her death, the political issues involved may ensure that “all” becomes a highly qualified and quarantined determination.

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The ACMA does not investigate alleged offenders“The ACMA does not investigate politicians or participants in broadcasts.”

 Why, When and How Injustice prevails.

The pursuit of justice only admits what is fair, reasonable, honest and true. Evidence that cannot be refuted should not be ignored, deliberately overlooked or deliberately discarded. When that happens, injustice prevails. Any investigation by an accredited investigative authority involves a core public duty of agency to carry out a complete and exhaustive investigation, regardless of the social, personal or political circumstances or consequences. Unless the following basic principles of an investigation are compiled with, Rule of Law is undermined:

  1.  There is no such thing as “enough evidence”, especially when there is the slightest possibility that some of the evidence might disprove or create a reasonable doubt about the guilt or the presumed innocence of any person.
  2. A competent investigator can therefore never dismiss anything, no matter how seemingly trivial or irrelevant, until it has been empirically dis- proven.
  3. To do less than this in an investigation is to be negligent or biased as an investigator.
  4. Any such negligence undermines a democracy by undermining Rule of Law and bringing a nation’s justice system into disrepute.
  5. Impartiality requires that investigators avoid making conclusions based upon subjective opinions, social status, vested interest or political gravity and sensitivity.
  6. Personal opinions or vested interest, social status or political sensitivity are NOT valid grounds for either rejecting evidence or for refusing to investigate a case or a complaint.

 Any impartial evaluation of the documents that I have submitted to the inquest into Jacintha Saldanha’s death will most definitely find no shortage of empirical evidence that in Australia, investigative authorities are extremely biased and partisan, especially when it comes to cases or crimes that involve politicians or have extreme political gravity and sensitivity.

 Anyone concerned about what happened to Jacintha should spend some serious time reviewing the inquest transcripts and finding to determine the extent to which bias may have influenced the proceedings and the findings. The documents included in my postings over the last 4 months should be re-read carefully for they may provide assistance in identifying any bias, e.g. the manner in which the ACMA conducted its investigation.

At all times, the question needs to asked, are the ACMA submissions to the inquest fair, reasonable, honest and true or are they biased, partisan and deceitful?.

 Edmund Burke’s famous quotation that injustice only prevails when good people do nothing is relevant to Jacintha’s inquest. If there has been an official cover-up, then YOU also have a responsibility to speak up and demand the truth. If you do keep silent and do not demand the truth, then injustice will win. As News Ltd boss, Kym Williams wished, the mass media will “trump the regulators” and Jacintha’s death will mean nothing.

 That must not happen.

 Ronald Medlicott – A Christian advocate for Justice.


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