South Aussie phone lines out: A testament to Australia’s clapped out “Last Gasp Copper Wire” phone network.

Telstra 17000 phones in limboSome South Aussie phone lines were put out of action when winter arrived, including mine. Although I am back on line, last week Telstra was still 6 weeks behind in repairing some of these lines with a staggering 17,000 homes without a telephone line.

Hmm! So much for the Coalition’s much touted “Last  mile copper wire” policy Mine phone line is ‘only’ 50 years old but in some older urban areas of Australia and in far too many rural communities, the nation’s clapped out telephone network is almost 100 years old.

Touting the mantra of “Sound Economic Management”, the Howard Government squandered the opportunity to bring Australia into the 21st century with a world class state of the art telephone network.

  • In reality, by avoiding the responsibility of keeping Australia competitive with our nation’s major trading partners, Australia is now more than a decade behind and may be about to fall below 3rd world status with the national telephone network.
  • Heck, even the pirates in strife torn Mogadishu have a better telephone system because a fast Internet system enables them to track potential targets in real time!

Because of the Howard Government’s abysmal failure to provide a modern, reliable optic fibre telephone network, I now have hundreds of emails to plough through in the next week or so and will then be re-blogging. Thank you for nothing Mr Howard!

  1. There is much to write about for the ACMA has back-flipped on the letter sent to me by one of Senator Conroy’s assistants (Acting Assistant Secretary Jarad Henry) and 2Day FM is now being investigated for violating its broadcast license conditions. In my opinion, that back-flip is two years too late, especially for Jacintha Saldanha and her family!
  2. Mel Greig has accused 2Day FM of failing to provide a safe working environment; a viewpoint that is totally compatible with the statements in my statutory declaration to the Saldanha inquest; i.e. the culture of reckless indifference that permeates Australia’s politicians, the public service and the mass media.
  3. On the 5th July, the mass media went gaga and made a big fuss about the Queensland Coroner’s report into the 3 ‘Roofgate’ fatalities that occurred in Queensland. The report slammed the Rudd Government for putting economic issues ahead of public safety.
  4. Whilst the criticism was legally justified, the reality  is that Breaching legislation, which was been in place for decades and was unconstitutional, may have killed 3,000 Queenslanders but the mass media is totally silent about that because welfare recipients are perceived as being expendable “dole bludgers.”

I don’t know about you, but “Forward to the past” is not how I perceive Australia as having a good chance of maintaining our current standard of living for much longer. The double standards of our politicians and the mass media on issues of national development and social justice have to be confronted for if left unchallenged, in 50 years time we may well find that future Coalition prime minister will be touting the benefit of using semaphore flags as an environmentally friendly method of communication (that is far less polluting than the ALP’s smoke signals solution to a non-functioning telephone system) whilst desperate people work for Gena Rinehart’s mega-corporation for $2 a day!

Anyone who thinks that the last comment about working for $2 a day was over the top garbage needs to have a look at this video link in which Australia’s richest woman (and the world’s 35th most richest person) stated that she believes that some people are happy to work for $2 a day.

Ron Medlicott (A Christian advocate for justice.)

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