Beyond the High Court’s “Jailgate” decisions: Did the Federal Police let the Howard Government get away with mass murder?

Have some of these people gotten away with fraud and mass murder simply because the Federal Police refused to investigate 'Quotagate'?

Have some of these people gotten away with fraud and mass murder simply because the Federal Police refused to investigate ‘Quotagate’?

Did the Federal Police let the Howard Government get away with mass murder is a crucial question that ADF leaders, auto industry workers and voters should all give serious consideration to?

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On Monday the 7 Network really hammered the Australian Defense Force (ADF) leadership over alleged sexual misconduct and other inappropriate conduct. Readers can see a video of the 7 News attack at

 Allegations by 7 News include:

  1. The Army’s ‘Jedi Council’ scandal has uncovered allegations the Defense Force hid crucial evidence from police.
  2. The ADF’s initial inquiry was ‘deliberately misleading’.
  3. Defense allegedly denied to police that crucial email evidence even existed, and once detectives uncovered it refused to hand it over on the basis of “national security”.
  4. Police have told prosecutors the ADF was obstructive, and that it drip fed evidence to detectives, and gave only one statement to police in nine months.
  5. In one email, a colonel asks a colleague why police are even involved, suggesting: “We need to close the loop on this.”
  6. Police threatened to raid the ADF’s offices in Canberra, if the obstruction continued – and only then was the Army Chief and Defense Minister Stephen Smith formally told.

[ A text print out of these allegations can be downloaded from ]

In effect, 7 News has through allegation, implication and innuendo, effectively accused the ADF leadership of the crime of “Conspiring to obstruct justice.” Given the role of the 7 Network in hiding what is effectively a covert holocaust, that is basically a hypocritical case of the pot calling the kettle black.

As ADF officers fully appreciate, sometimes the best defense is a strong counter-attack and the reality is that when it comes to hiding the truth and obstructing justice, neither the 7 Network nor the Australian Federal Police are in a position to throw any stones at the ADF leadership.

 My advice to the ADF high command is to thoroughly check out the posting on this website starting from 1-07-12 and then working forward from there.

In addition, military intelligence officers should obtain the Record of Evidence that underpinned ACMA Report 2780. What that will reveal is that the 7 Network knew about post breaching fatalities and decided that these deaths were “not newsworthy.” By concealing these fatalities, the death toll continued to rise!

On top of this, IN 2011 the 7 Network claimed that welfare recipients had been overpaid $3 Billion which was most definitely news. However, what the 7 network editors somehow decided was not newsworthy was the fact that under the ‘6 Week Rule’ found in paragraph 1,237a of the Social Security Act, much of this money did not have to be repaid.

  • By hiding this crucial fact, the 7 Network effectively aided and abetting in the creation of a false belief, i.e. that the money did have to be repaid.
  • On January 14th 2013, I talked to a Centrelink staff member and discovered that it is still standard operating procedure for Centrelink to recover this money.
  • Just 2 weeks later in Sydney, I spoke with yet another victim of this cruel fraud which has apparently been running for many years.
  • Again, on June 5th I spoke with yet another victim of this fraud and on 13th July 2013, I was phoned by a former victim of this scam who fought back and won. He was calling on behalf of 2 more victims of this who had been overpaid several thousand dollars due to errors by Centrelink and were under intense pressure to repay this money even though the law is quite clear that since the debt was due to Centrelink error, it MUST be waived.

 What the ADF leadership needs to do is conduct a thorough investigation of both the 6 Week Rule scam and the 7 Network’s role in hiding this rule from welfare recipients and thus effectively creating the false belief that overpayments due to errors by Centrelink had to be repaid.. At the same time, the ADF’s intelligence resources should be used to determine precisely how many welfare recipients have died after being breached. Since Centrelink steadfastly refuses to reveal this information, I suggest that ADF investigators check out the coroners records in each state and territory.

  1. All annual reports to parliament and quarterly “public accountability” reports produced by federal welfare officials should be vetted to confirm the statement made by Neil Skill that Centrelink does not collect data on post breaching fatalities and therefore is ‘unable’ to report these fatalities.
  2. Since the 7 Network knew about both the Howard Government’s illegal use of breaching quotas and the refusal of the Australian Federal Police to investigate both this fraud and any fatalities caused by this fraud, the 7 Network is almost certainly and accessory after the fact to the fatalities that occurred after August 2004, i.e. when the SA Today tonight team received a copy of the AFP refusal to investigate.
  3. I also strongly recommend that ADF investigators check out felony murder statutes in the NSW Crimes Act (1900) and the SA Criminal Law Consolidation Act (1935)

 If the military intelligence geeks are up to the job, they should obtain enough information to be able to sit down with 7 Network representatives and have a heart to heart discussion about the issue of “people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.”

 Is the ADF leadership intelligent enough to consider such an intelligence operation? That is a very good question to ask because in times past, the ADF has made some spectacular boo-boos, e.g. “Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.”

  • I am sure that you remember that particular deliberate action by the Howard government and the ADF leadership to mislead the Australian public. It resulted in the illegal invasion of Iraq and the deaths of over 100,000 innocent civilians but did wonders for john Howard’s popularity with the Australian electorate.
  • The totally unintended spin-off was that the invasion was the equivalent of the Paul Hogan “put another shrimp on the barbie” advertising campaign. With European borders shut tighter than a United States “Gitmo” terrorist detention facility and consequently desperate refugees need somewhere else to go.
  • Our illegal invasion of Iraq, plus more than 10 years running around in Afghanistan shooting up things, (including innocent civilians) has effectively been free advertising in the Middle East that has raised the profile of Australia as a seemingly safe place for refugees.

ATTENTION READERS: Whilst on the subject of refugees, military intelligence and John Howard, do you know how many boats that Little Jonny’s navy actually turned around?

 Last week, I heard the admiral who was responsible for turning those boats around talking on ABC radio. (5AN – 891) The presenter asked the admiral just how many boats he had succeeded in turning around. His response shocked me to say the least.

  1. Did the admiral say 4,000 or 400 or 40 or 4?
  2. Yes, 4 boats out of the hundreds that have headed for Australian territory!
  3. I recall once seeing TV news footage of the Howard Government making a big deal about 6 pest and disease riddled boats that did make it to Australian territory being burnt because they were too unsafe to return to Indonesia.
  4. The next question to the admiral was the question of was it still possible to turn the boats around? Demonstrating pure genius, the admiral dodged the question by say that “IF the same conditions applied (as in 2001-2), then yes it would be possible. 
  5. The reality is that the same conditions DO NOT APPLY in 2013. As stated previously, Europe’s borders are shut tighter than Gitmo.
  6. Thanks to John Howard’s military adventures, Australia now has a very high profile amongst potential refugees as a safe haven.

Tony Abbott may promise to turn the boats around but people smugglers have an effective counter solution, i.e. they just let the boats start to sink as soon as an Australian battleship or a massive Australian Customs ‘boat’ (which is actually bigger than a World War 2 corvette) pops up on the horizon.

  1. As recent events have tragically proven, these death-trap asylum seeker boats will capsize if towed and will promptly start sinking the instant that the crew stop working.
  2. Clearly, the policy of people smugglers is to only use boats that will sink as soon as the crew stop trying to keep them afloat.
  3. Under international laws, preventing un-seaworthy boats from reaching the nearest safe harbour is a vio9lation of international maritime laws and Tony Abbott’s “Turn the boats around” policy is probably unlawful.


  1.  Since 1st January 2000, how many people smuggling boats have attempted to reach Australian territory?
  2. Since that date, how many have actually reached Australian territory?How many of these vessels sank in transit?
  3. How many refugees on these boats were rescued?
  4. How many refugees are estimated to have died?
  5. How many boats have actually been turned around and forced to return to return to their country of departure?

 Refusing to answer these questions on the spurious grounds of “national security” is not an option for 3 reasons.

  1. Firstly, because much of this information is in the public domain, e.g. the current coroner’s inquest into the sinking of one of these vessels in June 2012 with the estimated loss of over 100 lives.
  2. Secondly, “Turn back the boats” is a major policy of the Liberal-National Coalition and the national electorate is entitled to form an informed, objective opinion of that policy based upon empirical data rather than mass media supported political hype.
  3. A third reason for the ADF making this information available is that with the ADF was actively involved with deliberately misleading the Australian public with the “Children overboard” and the “Iraq has weapons of mass destruction” PR scams and misleading the public yet again is totally unacceptable.

This is also the age of ‘Social Media’ and so it could ultimately prove to be a very bad career move to attempt a 3rd politically motivated con job on the Australian .

 2 WEEKS is long enough.

2 weeks is how long Centrelink gives 6.8 million welfare recipients to disclose any changes in their financial circumstances. If 2 weeks is long enough for impoverished welfare recipients who may be functionally illiterate to respond to requests for information, logic suggests that amount of time is probably 13 days more than the ADF leadership needs to email this information to me.

 The essence of truth is Proof.

Given the ADF leaderships abysmal track record re the “Children overboard” and the “Iraq has weapons of mass destruction” scams, if military intelligence officers rocked up at my front door demanding copies of the documents that I posted on this website, I would be loath to make them available. However, there is a field grade officer, “R”, a unit commander at a local military base, whom I trust implicitly and would be willing to provide copies to if requested. (If military intelligence offers cannot identify this officer, then we taxpayers are obviously wasting our money paying for incompetent people to guard our nation.) The reality is the information posted on this web site provides more than enough details for ADF intelligence officers/investigators to identify people who should be ‘interviewed’ in order to get a handle on our nation’s latest politically driven humanitarian disaster.


 Anyone who wants the answers to the questions that I have put to the ADF leadership concerning the effectiveness of the “Turn back the boats” policy should keep an eye on this blog. If the ADF leadership refuses to make this information available in a prompt and timely manner, it will be clear evidence that  the ADF is acting in a partisan manner by again helping the Liberal Party to spin a line that will deceive the public.

NOTE: When John Howard’s claim that Iraq had WMDs was challenged by the AFP Commissioner, Mick Keelty, Mr Howard promptly held a public press conference in front of the Office of National Assessment [Spook Central] and bagged Commissioner Keelty. Standing at his right hand lending moral and political support was good old ‘Cossie’, i.e. Major-General Cosgrove, the head of the ADF at that time. So much for any claims about the political independence and impartiality of the ADF!

With the Prime Minister, Kevin  Rudd, expected to call a federal election at any moment, Australian voters are entitled to the truth, not just about the the refusal of the AFP to investigate the Quotagate issue, but also to know the truth about the potential effectiveness of attempting to turn back boatloads of refugees seeking asylum in Australia.

Ronald Medlicott (A Christian advocate for justice.)


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