Australian Election 2013: With bureaucrats like this, is it any wonder the country is heading for 3rd World status?

Smart voter cardWhen it comes to bureaucratic Public Servants  not exactly living up to their job title, this email is a good example of just how off-the-mark some people can be:

Text of my email to the Australian Electoral Commission seeking CONTACT DETAILS for candidates in the 2013 election:

Since the mass media only focuses upon the major parties and the Green “Party, how do I know if better candidates that have policies that are better suited to my needs and views are available. Knowing who is standing for election, or re-election, is useful but far more useful is the contact details of each candidate so that they can be questioned about their political policies, which when you get right down to it are the entire purpose of this democratic DECISION MAKING process.

A week from the election and, thanks to mass media bias, many of the candidates are still just totally meaningless names. It kind of makes a joke out of the entire exercise doesn’t it?

The AEC Response:

  • A list of candidates is available from any AEC office and on our website. If you require information on the candidates in your electorate, you will need to contact them directly.


How do I contact candidates directly, if I do not have the contact details and the AEC will not provide this information. If I am to be a Smart Voter and lodge an informed vote, I need to to able to evaluate all the candidates but the best that you get from the AEC is the list of candidates:

Be a Smart Voter despite the AEC’s best efforts.

  1. Use the above URL link to find out who is standing for your House of representatives electorate and for the 6 senate seats that are up for grabs in your state or the 2 senate seats if you live the ACT or NT.
  2. Clink on the preference distribution list for the Senate for any party or candidate.
  3. Make up YOUR OWN preference distribution list.

In South Australia there are 73 candidates for the 6 Senate seats and consequently, by voting below the line using my own preference system. I GET 73 VOTES! Yes, that will take a few minutes to fill out the ballot paper, but by exercising my VOTER POWER, it may take weeks to sort out my vote and until that happens, no winner can be declared. Go for it!

Remember, LABOR and the LIBERAL PARTY (or National Party) GO LAST.

Ron Medlicott

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One Response to Australian Election 2013: With bureaucrats like this, is it any wonder the country is heading for 3rd World status?

  1. cartoonmick says:

    We should all be very careful what we wish for, as the black holes just might hide things they don’t want us to see until after the election.
    Who can believe anything any of them say.
    Like a child who has learnt how to respond to a parent, they only tell us what they know we want to hear.
    After the election, the smoke and mirrors will leave us all with tears in our eyes and bleeding from the cuts.
    Those who survive the 2013 election campaign will envy those who perished in it.
    In the meantime, we can only hope for the best and make sure the beer’s cold.



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