Australian Election 2013: “Last Mile Copper Wire” is the “Golden Mile” for telephone intercepts by right wing governments.

120px-Adelaide-Darwin_Telegraph_Line“Last Mile Copper Wire” is the “Golden Mile” for telephone intercepts by right-wing government security services.

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As the US Government and security services around the world have discovered, optic fibre really sucks when it comes to security intercepts. Even the current mega-slow speeds of 100 Mbits per second make it very difficult to intercept emails, etc from “subversive” people.

Imagine what it will be like trying to intercept a short email of 2Kb  size when optic fibre ramps up to 50 GIGABITS PER SECOND! for security services that will be an absolute nightmare because people with a mobile phone could log in from a WiFi point and download a 1,000 Bibles worth of information in a split second. Tracking will be virtually impossible.

The security services solution: keep “Last mile copper wire” for as long as possible.

In 1971, the US Navy sent a nuclear submarine, the USS Halibut, into Russian territorial waters after a spy satellite detected an undersea phone line near a Russian missile base.

300px-USS_Halibut_SSGN-587The USS Halibut successfully placed a “black box” on the phone cable and it intercepted and recorded EVERY telecommunication on that line and months later, the sub then went back and collected the box and for the next few years the US military “pigged out” on the intelligence collected from the undersea phone cable. The reality is that the US Government was tapping into undersea communications cables way back in the 1880s. See:

Tapping into copper wire phone lines is truly “ancient” intelligence gathering technology and so Tony Abbott’s “last mile copper wire” policy may have nothing to do with saving money and everything to do with keeping an eye on what you do and say on the Internet.

Hello Big Brother Tony!

Optic fibre screws that up, not only because there is no electro-magnetic field to detect, but the sheer speed of the transmission makes it hard to intercept communications. Even worse, the massive volume of data on the line makes it very hard to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Check out:   [  2001 Extract: The NSA is looking for new ways to snoop, since advances in telecommunications have muffled its ears. Now it’s splicing into undersea fiber-optic cables-a potentially illegal and not-yet-successful move.   ]

  1. From an intelligence gathering viewpoint, optic fibre is definitely V-E-R-Y  B-A-D whilst Tony Abbott’s “last mile copper wire” is V-E-R-Y G-O-O-D.
  2. WARNING: Optic fibre can be tapped using sophisticated light bending technology, but it is expensive and requires a skilled operator unlike copper wire tapping which can used the same technology that the USS Halibut used way back in 1971.
  3. With new technology, e.g. optical processors, pushing speeds towards Terabit speeds, “last mile copper wire” really is 19th century technology in a 21st century world and Tony Abbott’s determination to stick with such ancient technology is most disturbing.

If you are happy to have 3rd-world, 19th century communications technology in the 21st century, then I suggest that you take a good look at the photo of the phone line at the start of this posting – it was originally installed as part of the Overland Telegraph Line in the 1880s!

These days it is used to provide voice telecommunications services in the outback. If you live in the bush, do you want you children to be stuck with that technology for the next 20 years?

  1. UPDATE: Just after posting this blog, Tony Abbott announced an Internet censorship policy! Public anger forced an “I made a mistake reading the policy” backflip, but I am sure that you get the idea.
  2. After all, this is the man who before the 2004 election faithfully promised that there would be “No changes to Medicare.” Once the Howard Government won the election, massive changes were introduced.
  3. Can you really trust such a deceitful person to run the nation?

Ronald Medlicott – A Christian advocate for Justice in Australia.

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