Federal Election 2013: How to be a smart voter in a very dumb election.

The field of choice in the 2013 election is not good with the major choices, the Australian Labor Party and the Liberal Party-National Party Coalition being the parties responsible for the 2011 human rights violating “retrospective” legislation that the High Court turfed out on May 8th calling it “statutory fiction.” Quite clearly, voting tomorrow is only going to result in a disaster for low-income earners and others who rely on a welfare benefit in order to survive. It is therefore crucial that if you receive a Centrelink payment that you be a “SMART VOTER” and vote smart in order to help produce a parliament in which no one party, or the Liberal-National Coalition, hold the balance of power in both houses of parliament.

The last time that this happened, the Howard Government bulldozed the outrageous Work Choices legislation through parliament with hugely bad impact for low wage earners.

How to be a Smart Voter.

Why have just one vote when you can have 110 in New South Wales, 97 in Victoria, etcetera. Your Senate votes put 6 people in jobs for 6 years and we taxpayers will pay between $48 – $72 MILLION in pay, perks and privileges during that times and so you should choose VERY carefully.Vote Smart guide 1Vote as per the suggestions above to minimize the possibility that Tony Abbott will be a Prime Minister without restraint like John Howard was in 2004 – 07.

Do you live in the electorate of Wakefied in SA? then have a look at this suggested Smart Voter option. The principles in this card can be used in any electorate, i.e. vote Labour and Liberal (or National) last and watch out for the “subsidiary” Liberal Party off-shoot parties such as Family First and Bob Katter’s Australian Party.

Vote Smart guide 3

I leave it you to select who gets votes 1, 2 and 3 in the un-numbered boxes.

Remember, whoever wins the House of Representatives seat get a job for 3 years with about $2 Million in perks and privileges to go with a $4,000 a week pay check!

Ron Medlicott – A Christian advocate for Justice in Australia.

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