The City of Playford has a new form of Russian Roulette: Part 2 – documentary evidence.

Electronic spy cameras at 24/7/365 'parking inspectors that can raise millions of dollars in parking fines, all without human intervention!

Electronic spy cameras at 24/7/365 ‘parking inspectors that can raise millions of dollars in parking fines, all without human intervention!

Playford Council in South Australia has made a grab for the millions of dollars in revenue that can be had from installing automated electronic “Parking Inspector” spy-cam technology in the residential streets that surround a massively upgraded regional hospital that is woefully short on affordable parking space for staff, patients and visitors.

[Note: the short-link for this URL is   ]

As the documents below reveal quite clearly, Playford Council deliberately lied to the residents in Treves Street and Siddall Road, Elizabeth Vale about the true purpose of a ‘parking trial’ that was supposedly about improving road safety and reducing parking congestion in these two streets which are immediately adjacent to the hospital’s main entrance.

The 1st letter dated September 23rd: Note the title of the parking trial and the logic used in the 2nd paragraph to justify the trial.

The 1st letter was a case of "tell and do" with council avoiding any prior consultation. It is also a series of lies starting with the title of the trial which hid what Council was really doing.

The 1st letter was a case of “tell and do” with council avoiding any prior consultation. It is also a series of lies starting with the title of the trial which hid what Council was really doing.

Despite repeated requests for “Full and Frank Disclosure” Playford Council has failed to make available the truth about its actions and motives in this letter.

Document #2 – My statutory declaration. The dangers identified were ignored as was the “below code – not fit purpose” empirical evidence provided in a video that was made available to Playford Council when the statutory declaration was delivered on 1st October 2013.

Despite the dangers detailed in this declaration, a Sworn Statement made under Oath, exactly 1 week later the council started its so-called road safety trial.

Despite the dangers detailed in this declaration, a Sworn Statement made under Oath, exactly 1 week later the council started its so-called road safety trial.

Document #3 – The Lord Mayor’s response. An employee at the hospital, note Mayor Docherty’s reference to the hospital “precinct.” Clearly, although he is the mayor of the City of Playford, he apparently seems to thing that his employer, the Lyell McEwin Health Service (referred to as the LMHS) is the ruling authority in the suburb of Elizabeth Vale. So, who does he represent; ratepayers or his employer who stands to gain an all-day parking monopoly in this “precinct”?

Who does the mayor represent; the ratepayers who elected him or his employer?

Who does the mayor represent; the ratepayers who elected him or his employer?

How serious a conflict of Interest is involved in the mayor’s above response and just how much does his apparentlyly failure to heed the dangers pointed out in the statutory declaration constitute Malfeasant Abuse of Public Office?

Document #4 – “The LMHS  adjoining parking – Timeline of Events.

This document says far more than is apparent at 1st glance. Check out points such as the months of investigation into “timed parking opportunities, within close proximity to LMHS”.

LyellMcEwin parking emailThat statement highlights the REAL PURPOSE of the so-called parking trial, i.e. the revenue to raised from parking fees and parking fines which, in Elizabeth Vale alone, could be as much as $5 – 10 MILLION. Ominously, if council could get the scheme working in Elizabeth Vale, the cash flow from using electronic parking spy-cams throughout the City of Playford would be mind-boggling to say the least!

Note the statement in the above document dated 23rd September – “Letter hand delivered to MP Odenwalder’s office.” On 30th November at what was meant to be a 20 minute token ‘whistle-stop meet and greet’, the local MP for the electorate of Little Par, Lee Odenwalder, effectively “ambushed” by a group of irate residents who do not the recklessly dangerous manner in they have been placed as a direct consequence of the phoney parking trial.

Lee Odenwalder's "20 minute 'meet and greet'.

Lee Odenwalder’s “20 minute ‘meet and greet’.

To say that Mr Odenwalder did not cover himself in glory at this meeting is a gross understatement. However, perhaps the most significant issue to come out of this “ambush” was Mr Odenwalder’s repeated statements that he knew absolutely nothing about the letter mentioned in the timeline of events. He was MOST EMPHATIC that neither he nor his staff knew anything about the alleged letter.

  1. Who is telling lies?
  2. Either Playford Council lied by falsely inserting the “Letter hand delivered to MP…” statement in an attempt to deceive readers into believing that the Weatherall Government, of which Lee Odenwalder is a member, knew about the so-called parking ‘trial’ and approved of it, or;
  3. Lee Odenwalder was deliberately lying to the angry group of voters that had ambushed him.
  4. A 3rd option is that Mr Odenwalder’s office staff had lied to Mr Odenwalder about their knowledge of the letter.

Regardless of who lied, residents and road users are in danger as the photos in the previous blog clearly reveal for they are being illegally forced to either ‘centreline drive’ or drive completely on the wrong side of the road!

Document #6 – A new name for the trial, a partial admission that the issue is hospital parking but still no admission that the real game is the millions of dollars to raked up in parking fees and fines if residents can be persuaded to drive on the wrong side of the road and risk potentially fatal collisions with on-coming traffic. Add to this a ‘public meeting’ to which most stakeholders are NOT invited, being held at a  time when few can attend at venue that is dangerously unsafe for young children or senior citizens.

Were is the best place to hold a public safety meeting. How about a a bitumenized , shade-free car park during the heat of a hot summer's day!

Were is the best place to hold a public safety meeting. How about a a bitumenized , shade-free car park during the heat of a hot summer’s day!

Where has this public safety issue meeting been scheduled to be  held by the City Of Playford’s bureaucrats? In a car park at 5PM on a summer’s day!

What is so dangerous about this venue?

Check out the following info’ on Adelaide’s climate in December and the weather forecast for the time of the proposed meeting.

Weather in DecemberThanks to the Noel Coward song “Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid-day sun”, we all know that going out into the heat of the day can be a dangerous act of madness. As the picture above reveals, yesterday, the Bureau of Meteorology expected the TEMPERATURE to peak at 5PM. Mind you, most people who live in Adelaide do not need the weather bureau to tell them that; they know that at 5PM in mid-December, it is likely to be hot!

Just how hot is December in Adelaide likely to be?

  1. “The month of December is characterized by gradually rising daily high temperatures, with daily highs around 26°C throughout the month, exceeding 33°C or dropping below 19°C only one day in ten.”
  2. “On December 16, a representative day, the sky is clear or mostly clear 38% of the time, partly cloudy17% of the time, and mostly cloudy or overcast 29% of the time. ”
  3. Source:


  1. For December this is usually between 7 (High) and 10 (Extremely High) and the extended forecast for December 17th is 10.
  2. Source:


> 77% is Extremely high and this is normal in December and yes, the extended forecast December 17th is for > 77%.

  1. “The relative humidity typically ranges from 32% (comfortable) to 77% (humid) over the course of a typical December, rarely dropping below 13% (very dry), or exceeding 91% (very humid).”
  2. “The air is driest around December 31, at which time the relative humidity drops below 43%(comfortable) three days out of four; it is most humid around December 11, rising above 72%(humid) three days out of four.”
  3. Source:The previously mentioned WeatherSpark reference listed above,

SHADE Temperature vs. SUN Temperature?

The forecast temperature for the 17th is 31oC which is classified as “Warm”. However, the car park has no shade and so what counts is the temperature that people of all ages and health conditions who are being deliberately exposed to full sun, must endure if they attend this meeting.

Source of the Bureau of Meteorology information below was:

  1.  Thermal comfort, i.e. the difference between sun temperature and shade temperature on the Adelaide Plains: 
  2. Edinburgh Airport at 11:30 am on 10th December 2013 
  3. WBGT (Sun)                       WBGT (Shade)   
  4. oC     18.1oC                          11.2oC                        

At the time these temperatures were taken on an unusually cool day, it was therefore 61% hotter in the sun than in the shade.  Such variation is well known, which is why good parents and people of common sense try to avoid exposure to direct sunlight during the heat of the day!

  1. With a forecast of 31oC, this translates to a DIRECT SUNLIGHT-exposed temperature of 49.9oC (31 oC  x 161%  =  49.9 oC) which is an extreme temperature for anyone, let alone babies, young children or aged people who are 65+.
  2. In fact, anyone who may have serious health issues due to exposure to extreme temperatures that are highly dangerous!
  3. The Sports Medicine Association, one of Australia’s leading group of experts on Heat Exhaustion make the following comment:
  4. The guidelines are not binding but SMA reminds all parties that they must act responsibly. We encourage a commonsense approach and consideration of the comfort and well-being of all individuals including participants and officials… Modification or cancellation of events, training or withdrawal from participation may be appropriate even in circumstances falling outside these circumstances.
  5. Source:HOT WEATHER GUIDELINES for sporting clubs and physically active. (page 1)
  6. Keep in mind that weather bureau monitoring equipment is usually situated over a grassy surface, not black bitumen which absorbs and radiated enormous amounts of heat.

It appears that in an attempt to discourage people from attending the meeting to discuss public safety issues related to the so-called ‘trial’, which has now morphed into a ‘pilot’, a term that has nothing to do with flying planes, Playford Council has ignored its own air-conditioned theatre which seat hundreds and chosen a venue that places the young, the old and the frail or vulnerable in a highly dangerous environment. Since anyone with a shred of common sense will not rock to a meeting in such a dangerous environment, Playford Council appears to be setting itself up to claim that there is no substantial objection to what they are doing and that therefore it is okay to implement the “timed parking zones” in Elizabeth Vale.

In effect, this is taking “Cooking the books” to extremes by literally using solar power to cook anyone who is opposed to council’s plans.


 The need for Playford Council  to lie to ratepayers and residents becomes evident when you look at residential access road specifications.

Many of the residential; access streets in Elizabeth Vale, indeed throughout the City of Playford, are only 7.3 metres (24 Feet) wide.

Residential streets are too narrow for 2 lanes of traffic and a "timed parking zone."

Residential streets are too narrow for 2 lanes of traffic and a “timed parking zone.”

Compare that width with the minimum standards set out in the Australian design code below.


Centrelink driving because of parked cars.

Centrelink driving because of parked cars.

Driving on the wrong side of the road because of parked cars.

Driving on the wrong side of the road because of parked cars.

Garbage truck squeezeTreves Street is a dangerous place these days.

If the newly established South Australian Independent Commission Against Corruption , i.e the ICAC, refuses to investigate this issue than it will only serve to demonstrate the extent to which Australia’s justice system is becoming. If the ICAC is really “Independent”, then it must investigate this serious public safety corruption issue.

YOUTUBE VIDEOS. Below are links to 5 of the 6 videos of the problem so far presented to Playford Council that have all been ignored:

Published 4th December 2013

 Published 20 November 2013

 Published 11 November 2013

 Published 1st November 2013

 Published September 28th

One video, the 2nd to be provided to Playford Council in October 2013 is not posted on YouTube as the upload of this file crashed, possibly because my video was either too big or my lousy phone line was too slow.


In both the October email to me and the letter from Playford Council dated 3rd December 2013 you will notice that the URL for council’s parking trial feedback site is listed at:

That URL provides insight into the real purpose of the so-called “parking trial” was really all about.

  1. If you check out my 4th November posting, you will find that link is listed twice by me.
  2. Talk to residents or LMHS staff who park in Broughton Road or Lindon Street and you will discover that I was distributing flyers and pamphlets with that URL in October and November, and yet the 1st official mention of this URL to  the residents in Treves Street and Siddall Road, a very restricted audience of stakeholders, was not until Playford Council’s 3rd December letter was delivered to residents on 5th December.


Ronald Medlicott – A Christian activist for Justice in Australia.

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7 Responses to The City of Playford has a new form of Russian Roulette: Part 2 – documentary evidence.

  1. Northern Progression says:

    Welcome to the world of living in a developing city! You’d be the only one, or a group of a few residents who have problems with the restrictions that the council are introducing. I find that the restrictions have been a great help and I commend the council for their implementation.
    We are living in a developing area next to a growing health care facility that can sustain the growing Northern population. Increasing population means an increase of traffic and parking on the surrounding streets.
    Perhaps, if you are unhappy with the growth of the area, it’s time to sell up and move.
    The current parking restrictions are working well, you though, would probably be happier for the council to install no parking at all on the streets, great idea for us residents who lose on street parking too!

    • yadnarie48 says:

      Thank you for your comments. Please be aware that in law they may constitute a criminally reckless disregard for human life and that in making these comments you are aiding and abetting the commission of a crime!

      Also keep in mind paragraph 5 of the constitution which states that “the law is binding on the people.” Bureaucrats in the WA Government forgot this not so minor constitutional ‘detail’ and it cost WA taxpayers $3.2 Million in compensation after the negligent death of Ian Ward in 2008.

      At this stage I now have 40, I repeat 40, near-miss incidents including 2 that only by the very narrowest of margins were not fatal.
      ON 7th March 2013, the SA Supreme Court awarded John Knight the sum of $3.6 Million in compensation for, get this, Unreasonable Dismissal, by the health Minister, John Rau.
      On 1st October I proved Playford Council with the 1st of 7 DVDs showing the clear and present dangers caused by Playford’s Council’s deliberate flaunting of Australian Road roads which proscribe driving on the centreline or right hand side of the road when there is no clear view of the road ahead.
      With 8 Tee-junctions, 2 right angle bends and 2 dog-leg bends, there are 12 danger points where Playford Council is clearly violating the law and in the event of serious or fatal; accident, as a direct consequence of my actions in pointing out these dangers, Playford Council base of 20,000 ratepayers (including you?)could wind up picking up the tab for a massive lawsuit. In an accident involving 2 cars and 4 people, damages could easily exceed $20 Million which amounts to $1,000 per ratepayer household.

      I presume that you are personally happy to pay that if I am injured or killed in a vehicle accident?

      JURY DUTY – next month I am on jury duty in the Adelaide Courts and as part of the “any questions” briefing process i will appraise the jury pool of “Procedural fairness” issues including the main points of law involved in the issues raised in the 125 postings on the Ronald’s space web site.

      You do need to be aware that before you post anything on the web that you can, like myself, be held accountable in a court of law for your comments. Despite what Senator Brandis said about people having the right to racial bigots, the legal reality is that we all have a DUTY OF CARE to take no action that will harm others and Playford Council, the OPI and the SA ICAC have all violated this duty of care. If that statement were untrue, I could be sued for Defamation and would loose because in Australian Courts, the ONLY defence against defamation is TRUTH.

      As you can see from the information in the blog posting, any opinions that I express are backed up with stand-up-in-court TRUTH. which may explain why I have not been sued for defamation by john Howard, Tony Abbott, Nick Xenophon and over 200 other members of the Australian federal parliament or by the 16 members of Playford Council.

      Ron Medlicott

    • yadnarie48 says:

      We won. Council backed down because they faced a $4 million law suit if an accident happened and someone was killed.

      Check out the video link below to see why council chickened out – In all there 10 videos with 8 posted on YouTube.

      You can fight city hall and win. When you life is on the line, do you have any other option?

      Ron Medlicott

  2. Anna Barbis says:

    Tuggarah street has a bad case of cars parking on both sides that it’s a juggling ack trying not to hit any of the cars. This is very dangerous situation as a lot of times I have seen children playing around the cars. Needs urgent attention.

    • yadnarie48 says:

      Hi, the council sent us a letter just days ago saying that we will get Residential Zone Permits from the start of November. We fought and we won and in doing so, the door is open for every other street around the LMHS to also demand these permits.

      The plan to turn Elizabeth Vale into a giant car park for the hospital was despicable. Council had the long term potential to install electronic “parking inspectors and pick $5 million a year whilst we play doggem cars!

      Have you seen any of the videos that I put on the Internet?


      All of the videos 1 – 7 were given to the Council on DVD and I even emailed them about videos 7 & 8!

      Ron Medlioctt

  3. Britney says:

    These web experts are assisting assist my feet as I navigate
    the online advertising path – I hope they can assist you.

    • yadnarie48 says:

      Got a mobile phone? At the hearing the best option is to put the phone on speaker and dial 13 32 76. Hang up when you heard the “For your security…” statement.

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