Roadway Russian Roulette: “A clear and present danger” that is approved by the South Australian ICAC

On the 17th February 2014, the South Australian Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) made an Ultra Vires decision (a decision that undermines Rule of Law) in relation to complaint 2013/00798. 


The ICAC, apparently ignored both the video evidence provided and and 2 statute law provisions when making his decision which allows Playford  Council to set up parking zones in narrow streets with the result that drivers must drive blindly on the wrong side of the road into oncoming traffic!  (I KID YOU NOT.) The ICAC decision so severely compromises PUBLIC SAFETY that his decision may undermine a tsunami of prosecutions that involve endangering life.

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1.6 seconds - the margin between life and death thanks to the fake "road safety" trial.

1.6 seconds – the margin between life and death thanks to the South Aussie ICAC’s decision.

If I had not somehow sensed the approach of this car and pulled up, we would have been sharing the same road space at the same time. Hairy to say the least, but an all too frequent problem that local residents are trying to survive.

The South Aussie ICAC’s decision can be directly compared with the first air crash to kill over 100 passengers and flight crew. This occurred in 1956 when 2 passenger liners collided over the Grand Canyon and all 128 people on board the planes were killed.

1956 plan3 crash

How did this plane crash apparently occur?

Incredible but true, air traffic controllers knew that the 2 planes, which were carefully complying with the flight rules of the time, were both going to be arriving at the same place at the same time.

  1. The planes were both flying at 21,000 feet,
  2. The were headed for the Painted Desert (radio) marker,
  3. They would arrive at 10.31 AM. 

Incredibly, the air traffic controllers were so focussed on making sure that the planes were following the flight rules, that they failed to notice that the planes would be in the same place at the same time! The result was inevitable and as a result, 128 people died when the planes collided.

By focussing on just one road rule and not the total package, the ICAC lost focus. It appears that the ICAC may have ignored the “kick butt” advice of Justice Steven Rares of the Federal Court, who in a speech made at the 2013 AGS Law Administrators Conference, laid out the “Kindergarten Law 101” principles that had been ignored 15,000 times by magistrates and judges who had convicted welfare recipients for a crime that did not exist on the statute books! (Commonwealth vs. Keating – High Court, May 8th 2013) They had been so focussed on one of the laws needed to prosecute welfare recipients that they failed to notice that a pre-requisite law needed for the prosecution no longer existed due to changes made by the Howard Government in 1997.

 The welfare recipients had been convicted by judges who focused upon Section 135.2 of the Commonwealth Criminal Code Act (1995) which was ‘one-leg’ of the Crown prosecution case but failed to check the ‘2nd leg’, i.e. the statutory obligation to report income to Centrelink. No such law existed, but Centrelink bureaucrats, politicians from all sides of the fence, prosecutors, judges, lawyers, juries, and the defendants, all thought that it did!

Centrelink 10 a day prosecutionsTalk about goal focussed! A $10 Million advertising campaign that threatened prosecution under a law that did not exist? (Who says the Wizard of OZ is fiction? Don’t you know that OZ is a real place run by real straw-headed ‘wizards’ called politicians?)


 The ICAC focussed upon a loophole in the Australian Road Rules (ARRs) that actually allows local councils to raise revenue by setting up timed parking lanes in roads that are too narrow if they do not have a white line down the centre of the road. (Again, I KID YOU NOT!)

By not painting a centreline, councils force motorists to drive on the wrong side of the road into on-coming traffic when council’s set up revenue raising timed parking zones or install kerbside parking metres.

  1. This system allows councils to raise revenue, simply by not painting centrelines on roads.
  2. Unbelievable, crazy, idiotic,but sadly, TRUE!

Head on text freeAnother head-on incident – this car also did not stop but swerved around me. If I had arrived 5 seconds earlier, we would have meet between the parked cars!

No clear view 2Can you spot the people who have just stepped out of their cars? Road glare, 2 tee junctions, parked cars, and a bend in the road – ALL in the one short section of road!

  1. How do the two pictures above fit in with the requirements for a clear view of the road ahead and the ability to proceed safely?
  2. The do not comply with these laws but the South Aussie ICAC appears to have totally ignored this when he watched the 7 videos that I had posted on the Internet and referred to in my complaint.
  3. The fact that these dangerous situations were apparently ignored raises the very serious question, DID HE LOOK AT THE 7 VIDEOS?
  4. If he did not do so, then WHY NOT?

Australia’s road Rules contain 2 clauses that are supposed to stop councils setting up these dangerous situations but for some unknown (but suspected) reason, he failed to consider them in the decision making process. Had he done so, he would have not been able to rubber-stamp Playford Council’s game of Russian Roulette. The rules to protect drivers are very clearly worded:

  1. The need for drivers to have “a clear view of approaching traffic”, and
  2. When forced to drive over the centreline, “drivers can do so safely.”

Sadly, the ICAC, (The Hon Bruce Lander QC), focussed upon the right of council’s to force road users to drive on the wrong side of the road and totally ignored the above 2 road laws.

Check out the video link below and note:

  1. the curves in the road;
  2. the 90 degree bends;
  3. the blind Tee junctions where, because of parked cars, drivers entering these streets cannot see you coming until they turn into the street!

With the road safety standards that you see in the video, is it any wonder that more than 64,000 people have died on Australian roads in the last 30 years?

WARNING: In the first few second of the video, a fatal truck crash is shown in slow motion. 

Ronald Medlicott ( A Christian advocate for justice in Australia.)


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