2 Responses to Centrelink’s not so secure web site: Is it the security that you have when you don’t have security?

  1. Concerned Citizen and R.Medlicott Well Wisher says:

    That is normal behavior for any website. HTML is not hidden, else you couldn’t see the website at all. You can view the html of your own website by right-clicking in your browser and selecting “View Page Source”

    If you would like to see a government privacy scandal, look into the outrageous mass surveillance proposal of collecting the metadata of all Australians and storing it for 2 years. (Metadata is all information about your online activities, eg web history and contacts)

    It is Orwell’s 1984-style mass surveillance aimed at uncovering signs of unorthodoxy.

    News report: http://www.theage.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/data-storage-could-be-used-to-fight-general-crime-tony-abbott-says-20140806-3d78h.html
    More on metadata: http://blog.iinet.net.au/protecting-your-privacy/

    • yadnarie48 says:

      It is NOT normal to see secure code when you click on an icon to print a PDF file, i.e. the Centrelink Group Certificate which these days is called a statement of payment. In 1986 I completed a post-graduate diploma in the role of computer technology in farm business management and taught computing subjects up until April of this year. I am therefore not exactly unaware of how HTML code works.

      At times, cracking Centrelink’s security is not exactly hard. More than 2 years after I ceased to be a Job Network recruitment consultant, I was able to log back in using an ancient, legitimate “hack” that dates back to the 1950s! If I knew of it, who else in countries around the world also knew of that hack?

      Centrelink’s tech weenies are always fiddling with the code; the question is WHY is this so? Would you like to ponder that while I check YOUR bank account.

      Can I really do that? The problem is that while I most certainly would not do so, you have to wonder, who could do so given the stuff-ups with Centrelink’s on-line database access.

      FOR THE RECORD: I did notify authorities of my unauthorized access back at the turn of the century. If I told you HOW I did it, I would be in serious trouble; just believe me when I say it was a well known hack that flowed-over from UNIX to Windows NT, i.e. porting from UNIX to NT actually activated the hack!!!

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