Rinehart Syndrome: Beyond Quotagate and Breachgate – a letter to Joe Hockey.

Below is the text of a recent letter to the Australian Treasurer, a man who appears to have a very serious case of Rinehart Syndrome. However, before you read what follows, take the time to watch this YouTube video:


If you are about to be, or are, unemployed, are a Uni’ student, or a pensioner, then I suggest that you watch it because it may just save you a load of Rinehart Syndrome generated grief.

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Earlier this year I made a submission to the (biased as a bowling ballHanger Royal Commission, pointing out that the root cause of the deaths of 4 ceiling insulation installers was the same as the secretly classified, unreported Quotagate and Breach-gate fatalities. (See recent postings for further details of these preventable deaths.)

It was my contention that the root cause of all of these death was:

[QUOTE] …a culture of reckless indifference by decision makers who were too distant from the human impact of their decisions to know or care about the potentially dangerous consequences of their decisions. [END QUOTE]

In short, politicians, bureaucrats, law enforcement agencies, and the mass media, were totally out of touch with reality and as a direct consequence, people were dying. Joe Hockey recently proved my point by making the totally idiotic claim that “the poor were too poor to drive cars”. Check out this link:


Another out of touch with reality point is that whilst Joe Hockey was the Employment Minister, just like Tony Abbott, he never once reported any of the post breaching fatalities that occurred amongst the unemployed people that he had defrauded by unconstitutionally depriving of a welfare allowance, i.e. “the Dole.”


he and Tony Abbott though it okay to have a senate inquiry, a coroner’s inquest, and even a Royal Commission, into the 4 ‘Roofgate’ fatalities but strangely, the fact that during the Howard Years, the underlying reason why some 7,000 unemployed people committed suicide was of absolutely no importance at all is very strange. I have said it before and I will say it again until there is a public inquiry; these deaths are:

  1. Unreported by the Department of Employment and the Department of Human Services;
  2. Secretly classified by the Legal & Constitutional Affairs Committee in November 2005;
  3. Written of as “irrelevant” by the Employment, Workplace relations & Education Committee;
  4. Ignored by the Environment, Communication & Arts Committee when it conducted the initial ‘Roofgate” inquiry in February 2010;
  5. Not on the Queensland Coroner’s radar when he conducted the ‘Roofgate Inquest in 2013;
  6. Dismissed by the Hanger Royal Commission, despite the fact that the “WHY” question opened the door to very close scrutiny of the estimated 15,000+ fatalities that predated, or occurred in parallel, with the ‘Roofgate’ fatalities;
  7. Most, if not all, can probably  be classified as “Unlawful Killings;
  8. The Federal Police and other “Alphabet Warriors” such as the ACC, ASIO, ACMA, HREOC, OCO and SAPOL don’t want to know about them and in some cases have gone to extreme lengths to avoid investigating this still rising death toll.


Dear Sir,

Re:       Would you please carefully consider the following issues carefully.

(A)       The clear parallels between the 2009-10 ‘Roofgate’ disaster and your federal budget.

(B)       Deficits are a normal, reasonable way of maintaining quality of life or lifestyle.

(C)       Amicus Curiae: The Victorian Coroner vs. Hanger Royal Commission Report.

(D)       The ‘Quotagate’ Information Kit.

Point A: The clear parallels between the ‘Roofgate’ disaster and your Federal Budget.

Despite the ECA Senate Committee’s inquiry (Feb’ 2010), the Queensland Coroner’s inquest in 2013, and the recently completed Hanger Royal Commission inquiry, it is abundantly clear that the Abbott Government has failed to understand that placing fiscal priorities ahead of public safety is no longer a viable political or legal option. Far worse than the manifestly negative humanitarian impact of the now defunct Work Choices legislation, the current Federal Budget is another major national disaster for workers and the nation’s most impoverished citizens! To conjoin and paraphrase key comments from both the Queensland Coroner, Michael Barnes, and the Queensland Attorney-General, Jarrod Bleijie, the Federal Budget isa chaotic, rushed and underdone Federal Government policy” that seriously damages the national economy, destroys jobs, and, worst of all, appears to have been so financially focussed, that in exactly the same manner as the Rudd Government’s ‘Roofgate” disaster, by being so fiscal issues focussed at the expense of public safety, has once more fatally compromised public safety.

Point B: Deficits are a perfectly normal way of maintaining quality of life.

For some inexplicable reason, the Coalition seems to treat budget deficits as though they were a disaster. The reality is that they are a fact of life for almost every household in the nation. Each time I switch on a light or any other mains powered electrical device, I place myself in a deficit situation because I am incurring a debt with my power supplier. Ditto every time I turn on a mains water supply connected tap to wash, cook, or water the garden. My house has a mortgage and is taxed $4 a day just for existing. Non-home owners, other than the homeless or military personnel on deployment, incur a rent deficit. Many expensive household items, e.g. cars, and furniture, are commonly bought on credit. Debt is thus a core component of the national economy and is often crucial in maintaining a personal lifestyle. Properly managed, debt is a major benefit to both personal and national budgets. By sacrificing the nation’s automotive industry, and by seriously downgrading the nation’s education and health systems, the Abbott Government has created massive national voter alarm about just how out of touch with reality it now is.

Point C:          Amicus Curiae: Victorian Coroner vs. Hanger Royal Commission Report.

The deaths of 2 homeless people in Victoria on July 25th only serve to drive home the deplorable focus upon fiscal policy at the expense of public safety.

As I have pointed out to the Victorian Coroner, Justice Ian Gray, in my initial Amicus Curiae submissions, if these 2 young people have died because they had been unconstitutionally deprived of welfare payments and were so impoverished that they were then forced to seek shelter from the winter cold by living in a car,[1] then their deaths are almost certainly Unlawful Deaths rather than deaths by Misadventure, i.e. they were/are probably Manslaughter due to Criminal Negligence.

In a letter dated 18th May 2010, Assistant Secretary Neil Skill stated that “Centrelink did not collect Post Breaching Terminal Outcome statistics.” That statement simply highlights a fact that is evident in every report ever made public by the Department of the Employment, the Commonwealth Employment Service, the Job Network, the Department of Social Security/Human Services and Centrelink. For decades, what the reports of these agencies have done is, in often excruciatingly mundane detail, is emphasize the financial benefits of breaching activities whilst totally excluding any references to the “negative impacts” of this human rights violating, unconstitutional fraud, e.g. evictions, the problems of homelessness and the issue of “survivor sex” that was carefully surveyed and detailed by the Salvation Army in 2003. The most significant statistical “negative impact” that is omitted from ALL of these reports is the post-breaching death toll triggered by breaching activity.

Cross examining Kevin Rudd, Wayne Swan and Peter Garrett at the Hanger Royal Commission was a brilliant political mud-slinging tactic that has the potential to seriously undermine the general public’s confidence in the ALP under Bill Shorten’s leadership. However, a clear legal precedent has now firmly been establishing for a (Victorian) Coroner’s Court to subpoena prime ministers, federal treasurers and any other federal government ministers, past and present, e.g. yourself, to explain why the post-breaching fatalities were never ever mentioned in the tsunami of reports to the Federal Parliament.

On February 12th 2010, Tony Abbott was quick to point the finger at Peter Garrett and make the headline grabbing “industrial manslaughter” comment. The only problem with that was he had the proverbial

“3-fingers pointing backwards” problem in that in his capacity as a former Employment Minister, he had never once reported any of the post-breaching fatalities that had occurred. Considering his key role in ‘Quotagate’, this no surprise as, under criminal laws in New South Wales and South Australia, any of the Quotagate-triggered-fatalities that occurred in these two states are most probably ‘Felony Murders’. [2]

I believe that public awareness of the appallingly large scale of the unreported post-breaching death toll would have provoked a response to the plight of the homeless that may have seen urgently needed aid quickly provided to our nation’s homeless. It is my contention that the mindset that caused the deaths of Matthew Fuller, Mitchel Sweeny, Reuben Barnes and Marcus Wilson, may have thus played a crucial role in the two Ballarat fatalities.

Information to be provided to the inquest will include both my submissions to the Hanger Royal Commission and the Commission’s emailed responses. I shall be submitting this to the inquest in order to demonstrate that the Hanger Royal Commission was brazenly biased in refusing to examine the key role that the official concealment of the post-breaching deaths played in promoting a Culture of Reckless Indifference to the potentially lethal consequences of ideology-driven fiscal policies and practices.

Point D:          The ‘Quotagate’ Information Kit – Holden jobs can still be saved if…

Check my home address using Google’s street view utility; I live just 500 metres east of the doomed General Motors- Holden manufacturing plant at Elizabeth South, a geographic fact that I intend to capitalize upon. The cavalier destruction of Australia’s automotive manufacturing industry is going to have devastating effects upon the lives of those who livelihood has so casually been destroyed by Tony Abbott’s hard-line fiscal policies. I thus have an audience that is far more open to viable solutions to their problem.

  1. Last night, Channel 7 and Channel 9 news broadcasts had a segment in which GM-H officials reportedly stated that they will stay in business until 2017. However, as the reports clearly stated, this may not be possible because component manufacturers may soon be out-of-business.
  2. Apparently. some of the supply chain companies rely on bank financing to operate and their cash-flow is dependent upon having long-term contracts with automotive manufacturers. With the looming closure of these assembly plants, that once reliable source of revenue will disappear and as a direct consequence, the parts needed by assembly plants will not be available and the car manufacturing plants may therefore be forced to shut down much earlier than anticipated.
  3. Did your economic rationalist theories factor in this logical response from (bank) loan account managers who have a statutory Due Diligence obligation to shareholders, not to loan money to any businesses that may not be able to repay loans because the Abbott Government has deliberately undermined the economic viability of our nation’s $7 Billion-a-year car manufacturing industry?
  4. When many thousands of people are forced out of the workforce because of the economic rationalist policies of the Abbott Government, there will be no immediately available replacement jobs for this huge influx of additional jobseekers. Mitsubishi Australia shut down in 2004 but the reality is that 10 years on, many of those who lost their jobs at that time still rely upon a welfare payment as either their primary or sole source of income maintenance.
  5. Fortunately, paragraph 51 (xxiiiA) places a constitutional obligation upon the Abbott Government to provide a welfare payment to these people. (That will cost far more than any manufacturing subsidies!)
  6. What therefore is your projected Estimated Opportunity Cost for the massive spike in welfare payments that will be required to support the people who will shortly be unemployed when our (now unsubsidized) national car manufacturing industry collapses?

The Quotagate Information Kit: A member of the teaching profession since 1971, I intend to use my professional skills to educate soon-to-be-unemployed people. The information kit outlines their constitutional rights, and the no-so-minor fact of the unreported post-breaching fatalities that are:

  1. Secretly classified as “confidential” by the Senate’s Leg-Con Committee;
  2. Twice dismissed as “irrelevant” by the EWRE Committee;
  3. Ignored by the Senate’s ECA Committee;
  4. Repeatedly ignored by the ‘Alphabet Warriors”, e.g. the AFP, ACC, HREOC, OCO, ACMA;
  5. Repeatedly ignored by the apparently extremely biased Hanger Royal Commission.

Initial feedback on the “Burn Notice” video is that it grabs people’s attention.

For a decade, many people have ignored my concerns about the unconstitutional, human rights violating treatment of welfare recipients. However, now that some of these people are about to become your so-called “Dole Bludgers” because of your ideological insensitivity and utter ruthlessness, they are now starting to pay attention.

Unlike Justice Rares comments in his speech to the AGS Law Administrators conference on June 20th 2013, that most Australians do not know their rights because they do not care, I believe that they do not know because they are not taught their constitutional, legal and inalienable human rights!

It should be no surprise that as a teacher and workplace trainer I firmly believe that education is the key to remedying this lack of knowledge. Consequently, before the local factories shut down for Christmas, I intend to insure that there is widespread distribution of the Quotagate Information Kit so that as many people as possible can take time to consider the potential options that can be explored in an effort to maintain their jobs and the economic viability of our nation’s car manufacturing industry.

I am sure you if you watch the enclosed video and read the information in the information kit booklet, that you will be able to determine what many of these soon to be unemployed people may decide is the most viable option for ensuring that they may be able to retain their long-term job security and its associated lifestyle benefits.

STOP PRESS: The “Waivergate” 6 Week Rule Scam. (See page 16 of my first letter to Justice Gray.)

Yesterday afternoon I found the following message had been posted on my Ronald’s space web site:

Hi Ron…. I thought that I would advise your followers here that I did exactly what you mentioned in your previous blog, and I WON….. I persisted and also contacted my federal member of parliament… and all money deducted from me WITHOUT MY PERMISSION OR NOTIFICATION was returned to me….. however, months later, I received an ‘amended’ statement for my tax return for 2012/2103….. for ‘owing’ them money… so I waited for another ‘amended’ statement to wipe that balance back to nothing….. therefore, (don’t yell at me) I didn’t put in a tax return last year…. I was on Centrelink for the whole year so for that financial year they are sitting on $210 of money that I asked them to take as tax from my Newstart Allowance….. This financial year however, I have been working, so I am dreading doing a tax return…. I used to be able to afford an accountant, but this year I will be attempting it myself and they can scratch their own heads at their own figures……. Anywho…. I’ve talked about the 6 week rule to a lot of people on facebook and I’ve offered help to some…. THANK YOU again for this blog…. if it wasn’t for you, they would have $8000 of my money that they didn’t deserve…..

Hugs, Carolyn

This is one very happy former victim of the Waivergate Scam who used the information that I had posted on my web site and successfully fought this truly scandalous fraud. I shall shortly be providing the Queensland Coroner, Michael Barnes, with the details of a victim who did NOT survive this brutal scam.

Yours truly,

Ronald Medlicott – A Christian advocate for Justice in Australia.

FOOTNOTES in the letter:

[1] Yes, the poor do own cars! They use them to transport grand-children or even as emergency accommodation.

Now retired and thus having much more time to both care for my 91 year-old mother and to also provide assistance to our adult children, our grand-parenting responsibilities mean that my wife and I now travel much more than when I worked full-time. You are so out-of-touch with the lifestyles of the retired and the unemployed that your lack of real-world knowledge of the practical consequences of your ideology driven decisions is mind-bogglingly infuriating!

[2] The ‘Breach-gate’ fatalities that you also never reported to the Federal Parliament may also be Unlawful Killings.



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