Part 26: Australia’s “irrelevant” Crimes against Humanity. Has Malcolm Turnbull made it possible for Radovan Karadzic to win a Manifest Ostensible Bias appeal in the International Criminal Court of Justice?

Australia’s “irrelevant” crimes against humanity could be the key to Radovan Karadzic winning an appeal of his recent conviction in the International Criminal Court of Justice for the alleged massacre of over 8,000 men and boys in the Srebrenica Enclave in 1995. If this happens, the email below from the Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, may prove to be a useful “straw” to add to the camel’s back.

Turnbull email 1Whatever else Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull may say during the upcoming federal election, he cannot say that he did not know about the death toll triggered by Australia’s unconstitutional, human rights violating welfare penalties laws. It is an absolute farce that neither the Department of health nor the Department of Human Services have an accurate record of the deaths of Australian residents/citizens. It is even more of disgraceful farce that the DHS actively avoids collecting the statistical data on breaching triggered fatalities, possibly because they are fully aware that these deaths are crimes against humanity under Article 7 of the Rome Statute of the International Court of Justice.

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The full test of the email to Prime Minister Turnbull is posted at

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The reality is that any person in Australia who is accused of a homicide can use this email to mount an Apprehended Bias or a Manifest Ostensible Bias appeal against the charged which they have been accused of. Anyone who is not comfortable with that legal reality should demand that those responsible for breaching triggered deaths be investigated and prosecuted for if that happens, then there are no grounds for any appeals on the basis of apprehend bias or manifest ostensible bias.

Re “irrelevant”

EWRE Irrelevant

Australian voters please note: There is no such thing under either Australian law or international human rights conventions as an “irrelevant” death.

Ron Medlicott – A Christian lay advocate for Justice in Australia.



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