2016 Federal Election: Promises and Reality,

The election of Saturday 2nd July 2016 is an opportunity to rectify decades of wrong by the Australian Federal Parliament.

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When voters go to the polls, it is crucial to remember that they are voting for major political parties that legislated for and ideologically  the humanitarian disasters known as:

  1. The White Australia Policy: [Indigenous aboriginals who fought in Boer War were not allowed to return to Australia because they were not ‘White’ citizens!]
  2. The Stolen Generations; [Children kidnapped at gunpoint from their homes and all-to-often placed in the “loving care” of child sex abusers.]
  3. Gulf War 2The illegal Invasion of Iraq; [245,00 estimated to be dead, the 1st time Australia bailed out in 2013, and tens of thousands more since then.]
  4. “Fathered” the establishment of the world’s worst terror group, Islamic State; [The illegal invasion of Iraq, removed the barriers to the formation of Islamic State and provided both billions of dollars in unguarded conventional weapons stored in Saddam Hussein’s arsenals AND also provided highly motivated supporters who did not appreciate “Christian nations” dropping billions of dollars worth of explosives on their families, friends and neighbours.]
  5. The violation of the human rights of some 5 million Australians and the consequent unreported, secretly classified, “irrelevant” deaths of unknown numbers of:
  • TAFE students;
  • University students;
  • People with disabilities;
  • Carers of people with disabilities;
  • Aged people aka ‘senior citizens’;
  • Carers of aged people;
  • Under-employed people;
  • Unemployed people.

If you are an indifferent voter or worse, a sociopath who actually supports these unconstitutional, civil rights violating, Crimes against Humanity, and do not care who gets killed by politicians who have not learnt anything from a seemingly endless string of ideology and vested interest policy disasters, e.g. the Home Insulation Program disaster that killed 4 young men and saw 200 homes go up in flames, then I strongly recommend that you check out these points BEFORE YOU VOTE and do YOURSELF (and others)  some really serious, possibly fatal, harm:

Promise and reality

Yes, in 2013, some workers at Holden’s in Elizabeth, and car industry workers in other states, actually voted for the Liberal-National Coalition.    WHY DID THE DO THAT?

Within 3-months, Australia’s 100-year-old car manufacturing industry had been destroyed so as to save a paltry $500 million in subsidies.

  1. “Governments don’t employ people” was Tony Abbott’s bizarre excuse for destroying the car industry, almost destroying Australia’s struggling horticulture & Cannery industry, and badly damaging Australia’s hi-=tech defence industry, all in the name of a budget surplus that is now down the tube because of the $50 BILLION BAIL-OUT to save Coalition seats in South Australia.
  2. Given that Tony Abbott was a Public Servant, i.e. a government employee (like all members of the Federal Parliament), the “Governments don’t employ people” statement was not exactly an intelligent comment, especially after wiping out an entire private sector industry!


Will they really do that or is it a yet another ‘Vote-for-me’ con job?

  1. Empty promises of “jobs for (now unemployed) Holden workers” in South Australia conveniently over-look the fact that TRADESPEOPLE who work for military contractors, e.g. the SA Submarine Corporation, must be ‘Mil-Spec’ certified.
  2. Check Mil-Spec out by Googling ‘mil spec accreditation” (no “) hand have a look at http://www.milspecservices.com.au/compliance-certifications/
  3. Download some of the technical PDF files if you are keen to discover the incredibly high standards required for military hardware suppliers that apply around the world, e.g AS 2062, and other “Mil spec” standards.

Remember, the pay and perks for running the Federal parliament cost us taxpayers’ a massive $1.5 BILLION per year. That is about $7.5 MILLION per politician and senators get a 6-year term at a cost to us of $45 MILLION per senator per term.

Nick Xenophon’s slogan:

“It’s all about jobs” is true. He just does not say whose job it is all about.

  • Keep that in mind when you vote.

  • Also Keep in the fact that you do not have to vote for politicians that you believe may be liars, thieves, civil rights violations or possible socio-pathic killers who do not care about the harm they cause.


In my next posting, I shall provide information about the POSEN MINDSET”, the underlying reason why some politicians do not care about the sometimes lethal harm that their decisions cause.

Once you know what the “Posen mindset” is, you’ll know how to spot it.

MUST WATCH VIDEO: If you have been hit with a fraudulent Centrelink “Account payable” demand, or are being prosecuted by Centrelink, watch and download this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEfQ7PuBz60

Ronald Medlicott – A Christian lay advocate for justice in Australia.





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