2016 Federal election: The Posen Mindset influence in Australian politics,

The Posen Mindset may explain why the deaths of breached welfare recipients are considered to be “irrelevant” by federal politicians but the deaths of 4 young workers is worth a senate inquiry, a coroner’s inquest, a royal commission, and numerous prosecutions for fatal violations of state occupational heath & safety laws.

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The Posen Mindset

Below is a copy of quote from a 1943 speech by Heinrich Himmler that encapsulates the Posen Mindset. Check it out and then use it as a guideline for working out what Australian politicians sometimes leak from their minds into their mouths:

Posen mindset

Example set #2 stars Scott Morrison, who despite having a law degree, does not seem to understand that just because he is a federal government minister, he is not exempt from either Australian or international laws:

Posen Mindset 2

Given his prominent role and responsibility as the former Minister for Social Security, i.e. the Minister responsible for “Breachgate”  and “Waivergate” fatalities, Scott Morrison would do well to keep in mind this more recent quote by a judge from the International Criminal Court of Justice:

“Karadzic was the only person with the power to intervene and protect those being killed. Far from that, the accused ordered Bosnian male detainees to be transferred elsewhere to be killed. With full knowledge of the on-going killing, Karadzic declared a state of war in Srebrenica.”

O-Gon Kwon – Presiding judge: International Criminal Court of Justice 24-03- 2016.

  1. Australian politicians with Posen Mindsets have no place in our nation’s federal parliament and voters should boycott any politician, or any political party, with Posen Mindset policies and practices, i.e. DO NOT VOTE FOR POSEN MINDSET POLITICIANS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.(Vote below the line when voting on the big Senate candidate ballot paper.)
  2. By doing so, you will help to stop Posen Mindset politicians from continuing to place vulnerable people in harm’s way.
  3. Who knows, by not voting for the Posen Mindset brigade, the life that you save may even be your own.

PARENTS: Given the rising suicide toll amongst university and TAFE students who are struggling under the burden of  a mind-blowing $61 BILLION HECS debt, one of the other lives that you could save MAY BE YOUR OWN CHILD.


Ronald Medlicott – A Christian advocate for welfare justice in Australia.






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