2016 Federal Election: THE PETER PRINCIPLE – We need more patriots, and far fewer politicians, to fix the mess created by 20 years of Liberal and Labour incompetence.

The Peter Principle is very simple – People get promoted to their level of incompetence. In Australia we have done this at every federal election for the last 20 years, which explains why we now need patriots, not politicians running the country.

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THE PETER PRINCIPLE: Do a good job and you get promoted to a position with more authority and responsibility, but the consequences of bad decisions are much worse when a person makes a decision that is beyond their level of competence to comprehend and deal with. Two well known examples of the Peter Principle are:

Appointing Peter Garrett as the Minister for Environment.

That seems like a safe, harmless job but 4 young men wound up dead, a young woman suffered horrific burns, and 200 homes around Australia caught fire.

  • Appointing Tony Abbott as Prime Minister.

Within 100 days he had trashed and destroyed Australia’s 100-year-old car industry, nearly destroyed what is left of Australia’s canning industry, and by stalling on defence contracts, put hundreds of people out of work in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, a region where unemployment runs as high as 15% of the population in some suburbs. pg 5 1250 jobs dead

  1. The article above was published on page 5 of the Advertiser on January 29th 2016. Below are the grim statistics published on page 14 of The Sunday Mail on 13th March 2016.
  2. NOTE: The last time unemployment in Australia was this bad, John Howard was Prime Minister and Tony Abbott was the Employment Minister.AA Unemployed
  3. Holden’s manufacturing plant at Elizabeth is in the City of Playford where unemployment fluctuates between 12 -15% because full-time permanent jobs are very scarce in this region.
  4. In fact, when it comes to employment, South Australia is the nation’s  “Basket Case” state, especially amongst workers over the age of 40. Here is another page 1 article from The Sunday Mail on May 22nd 2016:p1 wAGE Discrimination

P14 DOME statistics

Seeking a second shot at running the nation into the bog, the Liberal Party began the election campaign with the empty promise that:

“Malcom Turnbull expects to create 200,000 jobs in 2017.”

If he expects to do it in 2017, why didn’t he do it in 2016?

Oh! Maybe he “expected” to create 200,000 jobs in 2016, but it did not happen.

What guarantee is there that 200,000 full-time permanent jobs will be created in 2017 if Malcolm Turnbull is re-elected as Prime Minister? Realistically, ZIP, ZERO, ZILCH because it is employers who employ, not politicians seeking to scramble back into a job that costs taxpayers’ about $7.5 MILLION PER POLITICIAN PER YEAR, mostly in privileges and perks rather than the $200,000 – $500,000 annual salary. (How would you like a $225,000 a year printing allowance or $1,092 to sleep in your spouse’s home in Canberra when the parliament is in session?) Having killed off a multi-billion car industry in Playford, cop the small change $24million solution which does nothing, other than employ trainers, who train people for non-existent jobs!

P1 Jobs No Silver Bullet

The Peter Principle can be found in Malcolm Turnbull’s recent federal budget which is scaring the living daylight out the university students, and with good reason. In 1996 when John Howard was elected Prime Minister, university education was free, so check this out:

The independent Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) projects the total value of the student loans program will grow from around $60 billion now to $180 billion by 2026 – a surge it attributes largely to the Coalition’s policy to allow universities to set their own fees.

What happened? Today university and TAFE students struggle under a massive burden of $60 BILLION in HECS fees. Re-elect the Liberal Party to run the country and it will blow out to $180 BILLION. (a 560% increase) How many parents want their children to grown up, go to university and be hit with a HECS fee of hundreds of thousands of dollars that they will spend the rest of lives paying off? ARE YOU THAT MEAN TO YOUR KIDS?

Remember, until 1996, university education was free.

PANDEMIC: HECS fees assume that our children or grand children will survive the next pandemic.

Check out this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1918_flu_pandemic

The 1918 -19 Flu pandemic wiped out 10% of the entire world population, i.e. 1 person in 10 died and the flow-on consequence for the survivors was that their life expectancy dropped by an average of 12 years.

The recent budget changes will drive many people out of the medical system, e.g. welfare recipients such as pensioners, people with disabilities, tertiary students, and unemployed people, along with many low-income families. If you subsist on $40 a day, can you afford a $20 co-payment to see a doctor or $100 for an X-ray? Collectively, people in these categories make up a massive 37.4% of the population and the recent Medicare white-anting will hit low-income families very hard. too hard in fact..

Early detection is the key to stopping a pandemic but the exclusion of a third of the population from the medical system due to irresponsible and recklessly dangerous, ill-considered penny-pinching by Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison could be the key to a pandemic that in a matter of weeks could affect millions and kill unnumbered thousands.

The recent federal budget is NOT sound economic management -rather it is a recycled version of the Rudd Government’s ill-fated Home Insulation Program.

Why is this so?

Both the Home Insulation program and the recent federal budget share a common focus, money instead of public safety.

The criticisms leveled by the Queensland Coroner, Michael Barnes, about the Rudd Government being focused upon stimulating the economy with thinking about the real-world impact of the Home Improvement Program is equally valid for the recent federal budget which ignores the human impact, both in the short-term and in the longer term.

We need new people in the federal parliament, if only to avoid  self-serving politicians who soak up every dubious or up-front rip-off “entitlement” they can lay their hands on. Check out the stark contrast in these 2 news article from The Sunday Mail on 22nd March 2016:

p4 Aged homeless

Aged pensioners homeless – how do the Canberra Brigade cope with that?


P18 Double Dip MPs

Note that both Liberal and Labour politicians are exploiting overly generous “entitlements whilst aged pensioners are homeless. Please, check out the following statement:

“A young, homeless couple and their dog have been found dead in their car, apparently killed by a gas heater they were using to keep warm. Police say the 27-year-old man and 24-year-old woman, both from Ballarat and believed to have been living in the car, were using a butane gas heater to keep the chill away when they died.”


Yesterday, I took my 93 year-old mother to vote and also voted whil;st at the polling booth. Many of the names and political parties on the ballot papers were totally unknown to me and so I asked myself why this is so?

The current system favours the established parties, as grossly incompetent as they are, whilst candidates from smaller political parties, and independent candidates, may be far more patriotic in outlook and possibly even far more more competent because they are less blinded by ideology that politicians from the ‘established’ parties, they are over-looked.


A double dissolution of parliament was unnecessary. in fact, the election could have been delayed until early November. So why a double dissolution now?

One reason is that the car industry will start shedding jobs in September and those job losses are mega-bad news for the Liberal Party and equally bad news for the ALP which has no solution as to how to get these people back into the workforce once the car industry shuts down.

  1. Things will only get worse, not better, so an early election is a way of avoiding the fall-out from the AUB, i.e. the Abbott Unemployment Bomb.pg 4 Cost 2 shut GMH
  2. The new voting massively favours both the Liberal-National Coalition and the ALP and effectively ensures that in the future, one or the other will have total control of the parliament. That is a very dangerous situation as the bloody-minded arrogance of Tony Abbott and members of his government demonstrated all to clearly with the human rights violating  “People have a right to bigots” law and the failed attempt to pass another law that would have dangerously deprived hundreds of thousands of young Australians of their constitutional right to a survival allowance when unemployed.


If voters take advantage of the new voting rules and boycott both Liberal-National Coalition parties and the ALP and VOTE BELOW THE LINE FOR PATRIOTS the scheme spectacularly backfires on Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten.

Australia needs a patriot vote rather than a donkey vote.

When voting in this election, voters need to heed the advice given by Commissioner Ian Hanger in 14.6.7 and 14.6.8 of his royal commission report, i.e. think outside the box, look at the big picture and consider the long-term implications. Ask yourselves this:

  1. Do we really want our children struggling with a $560 billion HECS debt?

  2. Are you willing to risk shutting a third of the population out of the health system and increase the risk of a dangerous pandemic?

If the answer to those questions is NO, consider a PATRIOT VOTE for minor parties and independent candidates ahead of a traditional vote or a DONKEY VOTE.

Ronald Medlicott – A Christian advocate for justice in Australia.




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