Part 31: Australia’s “irrelevant” crimes against humanity. A warning to Senator Jacqui Lambi that the Turnbull Government is planning to cut the dole whilst raising the terrorist risk for ALL Australians.

Australia’s “irrelevantcrimes against humanity lurched badly in the wrong direction last week. So badly that I decided to even give Senator Jacqui Lambi a heads-up. The Turnbull Government is apparently planning to create 2nd class unemployed citizens by giving Ford, Toyota, Holden and other car industry workers whose jobs have been destroyed, a smaller unemployment payment, perhaps as a ‘reward’ for being foolish and voting for Tony Abbott in the 2013 federal election.

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Food for though:

Why didn’t the Turnbull Government ask all voters about reducing dole payments for all new unemployed people, BEFORE the July 2nd federal election? Could it be that soon to be unemployed voters and their voting age family members may have decided to vote for other political parties if they knew about this disgraceful policy ‘initiative’ that robs the poor to fund politicians perks?

My email to Senator Lambi

Last week I received a computer generated phone call that was performing a survey for the Turnbull Government. One of the questions stated that the government was considering REDUCING the unemployment benefit to NEW welfare recipients, e.g the people who are loosing their jobs at the Holden’s assembly plant just 700 metres west of my home, The idea is to scrap the allowance paid to cover the cost higher ‘green’ electricity, et cetera. This would reduce the welfare payment by about $4.50 per week which sounds reasonable until you realize that in South Australia, SACOSS is calling for a $55 increase in the dole so that people can SURVIVE.

The proposed cut would leave welfare recipients $60 BELOW subsistence level!

As you are fully aware, MPs and senators score $90 a day “appearance money” PLUS $325 [MY ERROR- it is $273/day]  to live in the home of their partner or spouse when in Canberra. Again, as you are aware, this means buying a house or home unit in a spouse/partner’s name and then paying for it with the TAX EXEMPT [$273-a-day] ‘living away from home (in-your-partner’s home) allowance.’P18 Double Dip MPsHow many readers knew about the above rip-off?

Before cutting welfare expenditure and endangering lives, how about scrapping the two rorts mentioned above. When I read out the “entitlements” that the 226 members receive,which costs up to a massive $390 per year, people are shocked and angered. The Internet is a fantastic research tool and, as a teacher/trainer with almost 50 years experience, I know how to use it find information and then share it around in ways that benefit the community rather than the parliament.

How’s this for the Parliament’s track record of entrenched bigotry and prejudice?

Extract: from 1901 debate on the “Immigration Restriction Act (1901):  “The doctrine of the equality of man was never intended to apply to the equality of the Englishman and the Chinaman.” Prime Minister Edmund Barton.


Truly, the more things change, the more they stay the same. The moral is that Bigotry is NEVER right, and Senator Hinch wining and dining you to ‘score’ your support for winding back 18C is par for the course. Senator 0.78 of a Quota does not have majority support for restoring Bigotry to its exalted former status. If you have doubts about the impact of bigotry, read any of the Stolen Generation -sexual abuse of children in institutionalized care royal commission reports or the Nyland report here in South Australia.

Winding back 18C will be a massive win for Islamic State as bigotry targeting Muslims will accelerate the rate at which people are recruited. Earlier today, Islamic State released a very professional ‘radicalization’ book (in 7 different languages) calling on Muslims to attack Australians at high profile sporting events using cars, et cetera. Yesterday, a court sentenced a teenager to 10-years in jail for planning to use a car to kill 2 police officers and then cut of their heads with a knife.

WE NOW LIVE IN VERY DANGEROUS TIMES – do not make them even more dangerous by supporting the watering down or the removal of 18C.

Ronald Medlicott

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