Part 37: Australia’s “irrelevant” crimes against Humanity. The Tudge Fudge Fraud is a criminal violation of Australian and international laws and with 20,000 victims per day, the criminal charges are piling up, e.g. Felony Murder when fatalities occur.

Australia’s “irrelevant” Crimes against Humanity are being built up by the Turnbull Government at the reported rate of 20,000 people, i.e. 20,000 VICTIMS, PER DAY.

Check out this link for some recent updates on this criminal abuse of public office by Centrelink officials:

Centrelink debt notices based on ‘idiotic’ faith in big data, IT expert says.

In 1986, I successfully undertook a post-graduate research thesis on the role of micro-computers in agriculture. I still use computers when teaching and as a multi-media presenter, and in my professional opinion, the IT expert is 100% correct in using the phrase ‘idiotic faith’ when talking about Centrelink’s 30-year-old IBM 204 software system. {It really is just a turbo-charged Commodore 64)

I have filed criminal complaints with the Federal Police and the Australian Capital Territory Human Rights Commission. However, these crimes against humanity are STATE SANCTIONED CRIMES and therefore law enforcement and Human Rights agencies ‘obey the law and ignore the crimes’.

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A few days ago, I came across this web site and decided to respond to advice given to welfare recipients by this law firm with advice of my own that may expand their professional knowledge of welfare issues.


Below was my feedback concerning the information supplied when this law firm responded to the question “Will I face criminal charges if I am overpaid by Centrelink?”

Note that I have bullet-pointed the text on this web posting for ease of reading.

Any response to this question by a lawyer is unprofessional conduct under articles 3 & 4 of the Conduct rules for solicitors if a balanced answer is not provided. In the above question, it it important to include the Waiver of Debt due to Commonwealth error in s.1,237A of the Social Security Act and the Exceptional Circumstances provisions that the High Court endorsed in the Keating Decision (HCA 20 – May 8th 2012). Commonwealth error is probably the cause of perhaps 99% of the 1,100,000 ALLEGED overpayments using the current dysfunctional ISIS computer.

The AATA <Redacted> determination on <Redacted> 2014 is a text book case of how overpayments claims are dealt with.

  1. Hellicar at 141 – 143 and Bhardwaj at 53 were ignored.

  2. The key evidence (a recording of an income report by the applicant) was withheld.

  3. The hearing was conducted as a trial despite the AAT Act specifying that hearing are to be informal.

  4. When I pointed out that the applicant that I was assisting had human rights that needed to be respected, the AGS lawyer representing the DSS responded by saying, “let’s leave the issue of human rights for OTHER COURTS to decide”.

AS YOU WOULD BE WELL AWARE – the AGS lawyer had no jurisdiction to make that human rights/procedural rights violating request and the presiding Member had no right to accede to that request but did so.

  1. I am the author of the secretly classified submission 287 to the Anti-Terrorism Bill #2 senate inquiry (Leg-Con) in November 2005. That submission raised the issue of the unreported death toll caused by breaching.

  2. The unreported death toll (est 100,000 +/-) from the unconstitutional, human rights violating Section C penalties and Centrelink’s ‘To hell with Hellicar and lets by-pass Bhardwaj’ approach to ALLEGED DEBT recovery is covered under Section 142 (2) (1) (b) (ii), i.e. ABUSE OF PUBLIC OFFICE THAT DISHONESTLY CAUSES A DETRIMENT TO ANOTHER PERSON.

At the moment, the Turnbull Government is violating Hellicar and Bhardwaj 20,000 times a day and all fatalities caused by this abuse of power are felony murders in all states except Victoria where it is simply murder for financial gain.

Since the Federal Police have a deal with the Parliament not to prosecute for fraud, or violating the rights of welfare recipients, including the right to life, complaining to the AFP is a waste of time.

My solution to this Ultra Vires ‘Dickensian Bleak House” injustice was to file a complaint with the UNHRC (31 Oct 2016 and yesterday) and I am now preparing a new AAT appeal for another Sydney welfare recipient in which I shall raise the above points concerning Hellicar, Bhardwaj and the classified death toll, which is MURDER under Article 7 (1) (a) of the Rome Statute.

The Keating decision was necessary because not once or twice, but a mind-boggling 15,000 times, welfare recipients were charged, prosecuted, and convicted, of a non-existent crime! Please, do not add to the persecution problems of welfare recipients by giving advice that ignores Hellicar, Bhardwaj, DCT v Denlay [2010] QCA 217, R v Martens (No 2) [2009] QCA 351, i.e. withholding evidence. US court decisions such as Rodriguez v City of Houston, and Melendez-Dias v Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the recent Keogh decision in my home state of SA highlight the issue of flawed affidavits and testimony by people who are not qualified to provide expert testimony. As Chief Justice French observed in Hellicar at 141,  “…that the public interest can only be served if the case advanced on behalf of [a] regulatory agency does in fact represent the truth, in the sense that the facts relied upon as primary facts actually occurred”.

Never mislead welfare recipients into the false belief that if Centrelink threatens to prosecute, the statement may be valid; it can also be a criminal act that violates s142 (2) (1) (b) (ii) of the Commonwealth Criminal Code Act. If that action triggers a ‘Carrie Fisher’ or a ‘Debbie Reynolds’ fatality because the victim is so traumatized, then the fatality is murder, even if the AFP, NSW Police and SA Police do not consider it to be so.

In closing, I leave you with the words of the Victorian coroner, Ian L Gray, who wrote to me stating, “You are raising issues of national and international significance.”

Assembling Ikea furniture in the dark – Christian Porter

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Check out the videos listed above and decide for yourself whether or not he was correct.

Ronald Medlicott – Australian citizen, genocide survivor, teacher, and a Christian volunteer lay welfare rights advocate.

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