Part 40 (B). Australia’s “irrelevant” Crimes against Humanity.’FORWARD’ to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Australia’s “irrelevant” Crimes against Humanity could be stopped by the United Nations Commissioner for Human Rights, Mr. Al Hussein. Unfortunately, this agency appears to be on an extended Christian break and so the Tudge Fudge Fraud rolls on unhindered by the United Nations Human Rights Commission.

Note: the short link URL for this posting is:

I used the ‘Forward” button in Microsoft Mail to forward the email to the Federal Police that is in my last posting (Part 40) to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. Although the plain text email formatting is altered to suit this web page, the text of the to Mr. Al Hussein email is shown below the line is accurate in content:


hc_al_hussein_largeCommissioner Al Hussein United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights


Re: Genocide complaint to the UNHRC re Australia’s Centrelink fraud

Dear Commissioner Al Hussein,

 Below is a copy of an email that I sent to the Australian Federal Police yesterday. If that organization follows it stated policy, my email will probably be re-directed to their email server’s “JUNK” folder and not be read and acted upon.

In order that your support staff and yourself may gain insight into the scope of the politically driven humanitarian disaster that is occurring in Australia, I strongly recommend that you look at the highly entertaining and informative pseudo “Centrelink advertisement” that I recommended commissioner Colvin and his team study.

A member of the teaching profession since 1971, and still teaching at the age of 68, I provide the following is advice to people who have contacted me and I strongly recommend that you do likewise:

  1. Go to this link first of all if you have not seen this incredible YouTube 90 second send-up of a Centrelink advert – it is fantastic to watch:
  3. SHARE THE URL – note: I have no links to whoever made this video.
  4. Just read the title of this AAT web page and ask yourself why a Federal Court would need to give this speech in the 1st place:
  5. Listen to AAT proceed to trial audio
  6. Listen to the Centrelink call will be recorded audio file;
  7. Read the redacted email from a lawyer acting for the DSS, which in turn acts for the DHS!
  8. Check out paragraph 53 of the High Court decision at this link:
  9. Now check out paragraphs 141 to 143 of the High Court decision at this link:
  10. Read the ‘Skill certified’ jpg file.

skill-certified Although paragraph 5 of the Constitution states: “…the laws of the constitution shall be binding on the courts, judges and the people…”, when it comes to politicians rorting their entitlements, or defrauding and murdering welfare recipients, the Federal Police prefer to go with “government protocols” because of the “gravity/sensitivity” of these issues, i.e. the “see no evil”, unless the alleged rorters are alleged “dole bludgers.

 Since you have a copy of the constitution, scroll down to paragraph 51, sub-paragraph xxiiiA, the bit that says:

 (xxiiiA)   The provision of maternity allowances, widows’ pensions, child endowment, unemployment, pharmaceutical, sickness and benefits, medical and dental services (but not so as to authorize any form of civil conscription), benefits to students and family allowances:

 For the record, “civil conscription” is now called “Work for the Dole”. This constitutional clause prohibits the linking the dole to “civil conscription”; Work for the Dole is unconstitutional , and therefore the “No show, no pay” penalties in paragraph 4c of the Social Security Administration Act are also unconstitutional.

 100,000 FATALITIES?

Many people are vulnerable to death by fatal shock:

  1. Those with a damaged heart due to a recently identified medical phenomenon known as Cardiac heart Muscle degeneration which is caused by Cardiac hypertension. The tragic death of Carrie Fisher may have been caused by this problem, i.e. the reduce air pressure in commercial airliners causes the heart to work harder to supply an adequate supply of oxygen to the body. On the long-haul flight from London to Los Angeles, the extra strain proved to too much.
  2. Emotional Trauma Induced Stroke: Ms Fisher’s mother, Debbie Reynolds, had a long history of Hypertension and a history of strokes. The emotional trauma of Carrie Fisher’s death triggered a fatal stoke.
  3. The world-wide incidence of suicide amongst unemployed people. The Dunedin Experiment in New Zealand has identified poverty as a major killer of people for a number of reasons associated with a financial inability to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the emotional stress of poverty, and very high levels of mental health problems which are combined with a systemic lack of support, e.g. the appended Anglicare submission to a 2005 Senate inquiry. The issued raised on pages 4 – 7 are clearly identified risk factors that highlight the dangers inherent in the fraudulent human rights violating tactics of the Turnbull government in its current attempts to recover a reported $4.7 billion from 1,100,000 people.
  4. Since there is a very degree of probability that very little of those overpayments is legally reclaimable under the 6-week rule in paragraph 1,237A of the Social Security Act, and the cost of a court case could range from A$25,000 – A$565,000, the Turnbull Government, like previous governments over the last 30-40 years, is simply by-passing the courts.
  5. As you are fullky aware, by7-passing the courts is a violation of human rights, and when systemic fatalities occur that are unreported, secretly classified, and officially dismissed as “irrelevant” by an Australian senate committee and more fatalities are allowed to occur, then these deaths are MURDER under article 7 (1) (a) of the Rome Statute.

The intransigence of your staff and yourself in drawing the world’s attention to a humanitarian disaster of holocaust proportions is inexcusable. You must act and the time for that action is right now.

Ronald Medlicott  Australian citizen, registered teacher, genocide survivor and a Christian lay advocate for justice in Australia.



Anyone can write complaints and post them on the Internet; however, to be really effective, they need to be sent to people who have the power to fix the problem.

If you wish to have a safe and easy way to express your concerns about the human rights violating impact of Australia’s unconstitutional welfare policies and practices to Commissioner Al Hussein, especially his apparent lack of response to the Tudge Fudge Fraud, all you have to do is copy and then paste this email address into a new email message address box:

For your message, copy and paste this:

The failure of both yourself and your office to address the issued raised in this web posting is unacceptable and an explanation for this is required.


Ron Medlicott: Australian citizen, registered teacher, genocide survivor and a Christian lay advocate for justice in Australia.





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