Part 41: Australia’s “irrelevant” Crimes against humanity. The Elephant in the Room is the unreported fatalities.

The problem with Australia’s “irrelevant” Crimes against humanity is “The Elephant in the Room”, i.e. the unreported fatalities. As the letter from Assistant Secretary Neil Skill reveals, Centrelink does not collect and report the statistics on post-breaching fatalities.

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Another issue is that these deaths, which are murders, are no officially recognised as murders and therefore nothing is done to stop the death toll from rising. The following information, which is part of an Administrative Tribunal Appeal submission, is provided for readers to consider.


Centrelink does not record and report fatalities that occur after welfare penalties are applied. Given that these unconstitutional, human rights violating penalties are applied to an officially acknowledged “Vulnerable” minority section of Australia’s society, this is not surprising.

 ABS Catalogue Suicides 1992 – 2010

The following statistics are a collation sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics Catalogue 3309 and includes “Causes of Death” revisions made between earlier published data, e.g. 3309.0.55.001 and more recent data that was released on 24th July 2012.

 Approximately 1 in 3 suicides is an unemployed person and the top 5 categories contain significant numbers of Centrelink clients:


Year Suicides Year Suicides
  1992 2294 2002 2320
1993 2081 2003 2214
1994 2258 2004 2098
1995 2368 2005 2102
1996 2393 2006 2118
1997 2720 2007 2229
1998 2683 2008 2341
1999 2492 2009 2286
2000 2363 2010 2361
2001 2457
SUB-TOTAL: 24111 20096



In South Australia, suicides triggered by ‘No show, no pay’ penalties or fraudulent Centrelink tort actions are Murder:

 South Australian Criminal Law Consolidation Act: (1935)

Section 13 (7) Murder by Suicide

(7)      A person who, by fraud, duress or undue influence, procures the suicide of another or an attempt by another to commit suicide shall (whether or not he was a party to a suicide pact with the other person) be guilty of murder or attempted murder, as the case may require.

           Division 1A—Criminal neglect

14—Criminal liability for neglect where death or serious harm results from unlawful act (section 14.4)

All states and territories have similar laws, e.g. Queensland, s. 302(4)

 “It is generally acknowledged that suicides are under-reported as a cause of death.” SUICIDE AND MORTALITY IN AUSTRALIA 1970 -1991

L.T. Ruzicka & C.Y. Choi, Australian Institute of Health & Welfare

 Stroke and Heart Attack Risk Factors:

ABS Table: 3303.1 Underlying Causes of Death 2015

Aneurisms 2015  

Aortic aneurysm and dissection  4389

Other aneurysm and dissection     473

Total                                                    4 862  

 Heart Foundation: Australian heart disease statistics 2015

 Summary of Findings, page XV

 Cardiovascular disease was responsible for 43,602 deaths in Australia.

 Of all Australians aged 55–64 years, 8.8% reported living with heart, stroke or vascular disease and prevalence increases with age. The self-reported rate of heart, stroke or vascular disease was 17.1% among those aged 65-74 years, 26.0% among those aged 75-84 and 39.5% among those aged 85 years and over. – Bench Notes: Judicial College of Victoria.

Forms of Murder

  1. There are three ways in which murder can be committed:

    1. The accused can cause the victim’s death while intending to kill or cause really serious injury, or being reckless as to that result;

    2. The accused can unintentionally cause the victim’s death in the course or furtherance of certain violent crimes;

Note: The 3rd way of causing a murder is a death whilst escaping from custody, i.e. an “automatic” murder charge and is not relevant to the issue of possible murders caused by welfare policies and practices in Australia.

Decide for yourself if a breached family member was ‘natural causes, a suicide, or murder.

Ronald Medlicott – A Christian lay-advocate for justice in Australia


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