Part 41(C) Australia’s irrelevant” Crimes against Humanity”: DOWNPLAYING DISASTER the parallels between the Cloudflare disaster and Senator Brandis’ dismissal of the deaths of welfare recipients.

The current attempt by Cloudflare representatives to downplay a massive security leak provides insight into the real-world efforts to downplay Australia’s secretly classified, officially “irrelevant”, crimes against humanity, i.e. what senator Brandis hypocritically described as theterrible human consequences” of the Turnbull Government’s fraudulent efforts to recover $4.7 Billion by deliberately “skipping the courts.”.

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Details of the Clareflare data security fiasco can be read at this website. Please note that the quotations below are sourced from this website:

Cloudflare says it patched a bug that could compromise user accounts at popular websites.

 Web services company Cloudflare recently patched a bug that could have exposed a broad range of customer data like passwords, chat transcripts, and other information stored by millions of websites.

“I’m finding private messages from major dating sites, full messages from a well-known chat service, online password manager data, frames from adult video sites, hotel bookings,” Ormandy wrote in a Feb. 19 blog post. “We’re talking full https requests, client IP addresses, full responses, cookies, passwords, keys, data, everything.”

Cloudflare powers many popular websites, including Uber, Fitbit, and OkCupid, Forbes reports. But Cloudflare downplayed the bug’s impact on consumers, explaining in a statement that it had not discovered any evidence of malicious exploits. “The greatest period of impact was from February 13 and February 18 with around 1 in every 3,300,000 HTTP requests through Cloudflare potentially resulting in memory leakage (that’s about 0.00003% of requests),” the company said.


Note the ‘Lies, damned lies, and statistics’ approach to downplaying a major information security breach that probably violated security data laws around the world:

  1. “that’s about 0.00003% of requests”

  2. WOW, 0.00003% – what’s the big deal with that?

  3. Translate 0.0003% to actual numbers that involve people and you get 3,300,00, i.e. 3 MILLION, THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND breaches of national data privacy laws in countries around the world.

  4. Are you one of the people who have had your privacy breached and personal information such as PASSWORDS compromised?

  5. In Australia, the fine for corporate breaches of Privacy Principles laws is $1,200,000, i.e. real breaches of privacy laws means really big corporate fines.

Perhaps you can now understand why Cloudflare is very keen to downplay the real-world size of this data privacy breach.So what is the parallel with the ABC’s Q and A program last Monday?


Senator Brandis was quite possibly deliberately downplaying the violating of the legal rights of millions of Australians who have been, or currently are, receiving a welfare benefit.

The High Court’s Hellicar and Bhardwaj decisions “ought to be known” by both Senator Brandis and Tanya Slibersek because the Office of the Solicitor-General produces Legal Briefing Papers for governments and shadow-ministers.

  1. Deliberately ignoring Hellicar and Bhardwaj means the deliberate defrauding of hundreds of thousands of people and any deaths resulting from this fraud are major crimes.

  2. In my home state of South Australia, these deaths can be re-classified as murder and anyone in Australia who has had a fatalities that may have been caused by the unlawful actions of the Department of Human Services are likely to be either Murder or Manslaughter due to criminal negligence.

  3. My recommendation is to request that your state or territory Chief Coroner be informed about Hellicar and Bhardwaj and the role played by Centrelink in triggering a fatal outcome with your family member or friend.

  4. I shall leave no stone unturned in having these fatalities reviewed by authorities to determine just how many heart attacks, strokes, deaths by misadventure, or suicide, are in fact ‘Murder for financial gain’.

  5. On 24th March 2017, I shall be representing a Randwick resident  in an AAT appeal and have already pointed out my concerns that breaching fatalities and any other fatalities that may have been triggered by Centrelink’s ‘Let’s skip the courts’ approach to ‘justice’ may be murders and aI shall be using the “DISCOVERY PROCESS’ to again try and force Centrelink to disclose the number of the as yet unreported, secretly classified, officially “irrelevant” deaths that are being concealed from the public.


The constant failure of the Department of Human Services to report what Senator Brandis glibly described as “terrible human consequences.’‘ is another cover-up, but on a far, far larger scale.

  1. Australia’s welfare penalty laws have never been constitutional; in fact the deliberate act of depriving someone of the ability to subsist, i.e. to survive, is a crime under state, territory, federal and international laws.

  2. So what excuse is there for doing this for about 40 years or so?

  3. What excuse is there for never reporting the deaths caused by this legislation?

  4. Is the fact that these deaths are foreseeable homicides a reasonable excuse for the Federal parliament to secretly classify them as “confident” and “irrelevant”?

  5. Is the fact that these deaths are Crimes against Humanity a reasonable excuse for covering them up?

  6. Is the fact that Senator Brandis is the Federal Attorney-General of Australia, a reasonable excuse for his apparent downplaying, i.e. covering up, deaths that are Crimes against Humanity under Article 7(1)(a) of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court of Justice by describing them as ‘unfortunate consequences’ a legitimate action, or is it unacceptable to dismiss these deaths in such an off-hand, casual way?

  7. It should be remembered that in February 2010, Senator Brandis voted for a senate committee of Inquiry into the 4 Home Improvement Program Disaster fatalities.

  8. Senator Brandis also supported a call for the Queensland Government to conduct an inquest into the 3 Home Improvement Program Disaster fatalities that occurred in Queensland, and;

  9. Senator Brandis supported Prime Minister Tony Abbott in setting up the Hanger Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Home Improvement Program Disaster fatalities.

If a Royal commission was justified for the 4 Home Improvement Program fatalities, then surely, another Royal Commission into the Tudge Fudge Fraud is also justified? As a nation, and as individuals, we cannot sit on the sidelines whilst the Turnbull government uses Centrelink to defraud and murder unsuspecting, vulnerable welfare recipients who are totally unaware that they are being defrauded and that any fatalities caused by this fraud are most likely to be, in law, unlawful homicides.


Remember; the quality of justice that you get is the lowest quality that you accept. 102,000 Aussies have not died so that self-serving politicians, bureaucrats and lawyers can persecute, intimidate, defraud and murder their children and grand-children.

genocide-lawIn order to make submissions, you have to know about these Senate committee inquires. How do impoverished welfare recipients, or even the general public, find out about these hearings?

Do nothing about the ‘unfortunate consequences of the Turnbull Government using a dysfunctional 35-year-old computer system, named ISIS, to defraud the descendants of our nation’s legendary ANZAC heroes is to desecrate their legacy.

Are you prepared to do that? If you are not, then do something to stop this rip-off right now; demand an explanation and don’t put up with any excuses.

102,000 ANZAC heroes gave their lives to make the world a better place. They did not die so that “actuarial savings” could be achieved by killing off what may well be around 100,000 vulnerable Australians since the Federal Parliament first introduced laws that made it “legitimate” to defraud and murder vulnerable  Aussie Battlers.


“…terrible human consequences’

Demand the truth about what Senatoor Brandis so hypocritically described as terrible human consequences.’

No politician, including Senator Brandis and Tanya Slibersek has ever disclosed the rising death toll when asked to do so. In March 2010, I wrote to ALL 226 members of the federal parliament and Neil Skill’s infamous “Centrelink does not collect…” letter was the official response.

Skill certified

Send an email to and I will send you a digital copy of Volume 3 of The Emcott Report, THE ADVOCATE,  via reply email. Take just 1 hour to read it and then decide for yourself what to do about the terrible human consequences’ of the Tudge Fudge Fraud.



From a Florida prison cell in June 1962, Clarence Earl Gideon wrote a note asking the United States Supreme Court to review his conviction for a crime that he said he didn’t commit. He added that he didn’t have the means to hire a lawyer.

 One year later, in the historic case of Gideon v. Wainright, the United States Supreme Court ruled that people  who cannot afford the cost of their own defence must be given a public defender – an Advocate – provided by the state. With this decision, and with the help of a court-appointed lawyer, Clarence Gideon was re-tried and acquitted.

In Australia, just as Clarence Earl Gideon was so many years ago, welfare recipients are being shafted and are in dire need of a court appointed Advocate to represent them in tort actions brought against them by the Department of Human Services, aka Centrelink. This is especially so with the Turnbull Government targeting a reported 20,000 welfare recipients a week with tort actions that deliberately by-pass Due Process of Law, i.e. not having the facts of the matter decided by the courts. In doing so, the Turnbull Government is following in the footsteps of previous Liberal and Labour led governments that have, over the last 30 – 40 years,  ruthlessly taken advantage of the fact that, like Clarence Gideon, most of the people who are accused of wrong-doing and are penalized by  Centrelink  cannot afford a lawyer.

98 pages, mostly dealing with drop-dead boring case law findings that, as boring as they are, are absolutely crucial in understanding and dealing with Centrelink’s criminal abuses of power.

If you are a welfare recipient, you need to read this free book right now.

Ronald Medlicott – A Christian lay-advocate for Justice in Australia.

P.S. Do not call the Australian Federal Police – they are part of the problem, not the solution.

AsJuly 04 denley letter page 1

This deceitful Letter of Demand from Centrelink was deliberate viuolation of Section 142.2 of the Commonwealth Criminal Code Act, and yet it was never investigated. How many of these blatantly fraudulent letters have been distributed, and how many deaths have they triggered?  and a Royal Commission needs to find out why the Federal Police protect politicians and bureaucrats from prosecution for fraud and murder.

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