Part 42B: Australia’s “irrelevant” Crimes against Humanity. The Hellicar “H-Bomb” nuked Malcolm Turnbull’s Tudge Fudge Fraud.

The Hellicar “H-Bomb” nuked Malcolm Turnbull’s Tudge Fudge Fraud.

The short URl for this posting is:

Cop this lot:

  1. On 21st February 2017, as the Representative of a welfare recipient, I submitted a statement of facts to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

  2. The next day, [22nd February], I was kept out of the loop by the lawyer representing the Department of Social Services, who sent a ‘Without Prejudice’ offer directly to the applicant that gave 100% of what we were fighting to achieve for the applicant.

  3. The applicant was so pleased that he immediately signed and returned the documents, without seeking my ideas on the merit of doing so.

  4. This is not a good idea as such offers can contain ‘time-bomb traps, e.g. waiving the right to seek compensation for abuses of power by Centrelink.

  5. Once received by the DSS lawyer, the signed documents were fast-tracked through the AAT – allowable under the AAT but the Depurt President failed to check that the ‘Without predjudice’ offer had been made in the proper manner, i.e. submitted to me first.

Redacted 2016_5334Bbjpg

Redacted 2016_5334


In addition to the ‘cover letter’ in part 42, i.e. my last posting, I also provided Volumes 3, 2 and 1 of The Emcott Report and several Emcott Report issues papers as part of the submission.




The message in all of the above is that HELLICAR and Bhardwaj are Tudge Fudge Fraud killers. If Centrelink says you have been overpaid, just insist that they have made a mistake and if they wish to pursue the claim, it is a matter for the courts, not the AAT.

The irony is, that you can quote Hellicar, Bhardwaj, Police v Butcher AND you can also quote AAT 2016/5334 as case law references for Centrelink to consider.



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