Part 43E. Australia’s “irrelevant” Crimes against Humanity. The Lindt Cafe Inquest finding:- “The 10 minutes that elapsed without police action was too long.”

Yesterday, New South Wales Coroner, Michael Barnes, handed down the findings into the Lindt Cafe disaster. In his report Coroner Barnes stated “The 10 minutes that elapsed without police action was too long.”

Surely, this criticism is a credible and relevant precedent that applies to every law enforcement agency in Australia when it comes tot the unreported, secretly classified, officially “irrelevant” deaths caused by the unconstitutional, recklessly dangerous “No show, no pay” welfare penalties and Malcolm Turnbull’s blatantly  fraudulent Robo-Debt Scam?

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PLEASE: take a few minutes to check out these web links to the Lindt Cafe Inquest.

  1. What each video.

  2. Read the comments.

  3. Ask yourself what is different about the Lindt Cafe deaths and the deaths of welfare recipients who died because politicians decided that saving taxpayers money was more important than the lives of welfare recipients.

  4. The reality is that it does not matter whether a person is murdered by an Islamic state supporter or by politicians bureaucrats who ruthlessly or mindlessly enforce unconstitutional, criminally dangerous laws.

Lindt Inquest web links:

Mistakes cannot be papered over

New South Wales police waited too long

Across Australia, the same criticism is equally valid, i.e. police waited too long, a fact highlkighed by content of Federal Agent Louise Denley’s letter [ 7 July 2004]

July 04 denley letter page 1

SAPOL knew and did nothing


The lack of diligence by Dectective Superintendent Grant Moyle in investigating Breach-gate, i.e. the unreported, “irrelevant”, death toll caused by Australia’s unconstitutional “no show, no pay” laws, is easily demonstrated.

  1. Remove a blank sheet of paper from your printer paper storage compartment.

  2. Study it carefully.

  3. Replace the paper in the printer paper storage tray.

  4. Congratulations! You have just read the official “Record of Interview”.

What sort of investigation is it when accusations of criminal abuse of power and serial murder do not not result in the plaintiff being interviewed?

Am I wrong in suspecting that Detective Superintendent Moyle may have used his official position as the head of the SAPOL Major Crime Investigation Branch to conceal the serial murders of welfare recipients?

I would like to show you the emails sent to the New South wales Police but this morning I discovered that my Outlook PST is corrupted and despite using Microsoft’s Outlook Repair Tool, Outlook will not open. That may be a fluke of timing or it not may be;, One thing is for sure, it is incredibly convenient for every police force in Australia, the Turnbull Government, Centrelink, and the AAT, that I cannot access these files at this time.

2002 Centrlink report extract

7-1-16 Redacted Centrelink response

Classification: Dop not copy and distribute: Sept' 09. The AFP refusal to investigate Perksgate.

After the Auditor-General reported out that 144 federal MPs may have ripped off the “Entitlements Fund” to the tune of $4.64 MILLION, the Federal Police again refused to investigate citing almost the same legally invalid reasons as in 2004.

Ronald Medlicott – Australian citizen and a Christian volunteer lay-advocate.




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