Part 43H. Australia’s “irrelevant” Crimes against humanity. The Robo-Debt fraud video compilation.

If you have been hit with a fraudulent Centrelink Robo-Debt claim, or know someone who has, please take 15 minutes to watch and consider this video:

If you find the information useful, please share the above URL or the short link below to this this posting.

Thank you,

Ron Medlicott

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2 Responses to Part 43H. Australia’s “irrelevant” Crimes against humanity. The Robo-Debt fraud video compilation.

  1. says:

    Dear Ronald,

    please note the Verdict about the girl who caused her boy friend’s suicide.

    please answer me,if you will, about the cost of the case against Centerlink in the Federal Court, and in the case you lose, can they put legal costs on you.? If so it means that one cannot practically sue them. As far the Social Security Law is concerned and Due Process they and AATribunal simply ignored that in my case.So what one can do? Legal Aid is not interested, the shadow minister of justice made my case even worse by unnecessary and not to the point inquiry at the Centerlin k, I believe it was a sort of question, “Is DrShyman-ski really in debt to the Centerlink?”. A kind of the question a defence lawyer asks the accused< "Did you really kill XYZ?". As you very well know the Public Prosecutor will not prosecute on his/her own, the Centerlink for this kind of misconduct. regards,and please,do not be offended,but sometime get down from your high horse, regardless of how just and great is your "CAUSE" in the principle, les

    Les-zek Shyman-Szymanski, Ph.D. Author, historian, journalist, editor Ph.D. History (PUNO=London), M. Political Science (California State University), B.A. General (London University)

  2. yadnarie48 says:

    I will send an email very shortly to address your question. note though that my preferred option is to simply file a fraud complaint with your local police station citing violations of sections 142.2 and 149.1 of the Commonwealth criminal Act 91995). In simple terms, if Centrelink does not seek a court review and decision as to the primary facts of the matter in a disputed decision that has “pecuniary” implications or penalties,, then it is a criminal abuse of power. the fact that they have been doing this since the days of Bob Hawke are not an excuse for skipping the courts.

    As the High Court stated in Bhardwaj at paragraph 53, if there is no jurisdiction, then, in law, there is no decision and it still remains to be made.It is not only your RIGHT to file a fraud complaint, under paragraph 5 of the constitution, it is actually your responsibility to do so.

    It really is that simple.

    Well sort off that simple. In reality,because this rip-off has been going on for decades, you won’t be believed unless you slap copies of Hellicar and Bhardwaj on the table and say “Please read that.”

    The problem with systemic fraud is that it is like apartheid in South Africa and segregation in the southern states of the USA, i.e. tradition has a huge amount of inertia and public support that needs to be swept aside before the police will act. Still, filing the complaint and getting a report number can then be used to lobby for a decision review. With Senator Brandis admitting to fatal mistakes, Centrelink are sitting on an explosive problem of MT St Helens proportions.

    Ron M.

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