The Poll Tax on 1st Preference Voting – Think in terms of “the 1st Preference Bonanza Lottery.”

Did you know about the massive ‘Poll Tax’ on 1st preference voting?

As the Australian Electoral Commission data below reveals, we voters are paying a massive ‘Poll Tax’ when we give our 1st preference votes to the major political parties. Unless we demand that this tax on 1st Preference votes be scrapped immediately, the Federal election Poll tax will cost us round $3.5 – $4 BILLION by the end of the century!

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In the 2013 and 2016 federal elections, we voters paid the Liberal-National Coalition, the Labour Party, and the Greens, the bulk of a staggering $120,854,731 for the so-called ‘privilege’ of giving these parties our 1st preference votes.

Voting ‘1’ Above the Line is literally a license to print money for mainstream political parties as the 2013 ‘lottery results’ also reveal:

The “1st Preference Bonanza Lottery” Prize Winners List – 2013

Liberal Party of Australia        $23,884,672.94   (41.12% of the prize pool.)

Australian Labor Party             $20,774,690.55   (35.77% of the prize pool.)

National Party                              $ 3,111,072.51   (  5.35% of the prize pool.)

            TOTAL:                                           $47,770,436.oo   ( 82.24% of the prize pool.)


  1. Again, these figures reveal that almost $6 in every $7 taxpayers’ dollars were paid to the Liberal-National coalition and the Australian Labour Party.

  2. In all, in the 2013 and 2016 federal elections, the Coalition and the Australian Labour Party received $98,426,866 of taxpayers’ money out of a total ‘prize pool’ of $120,854,731 or 81.44%.

  3. The winnings of the next major prize poll winner, the Australia Greens, i.e. $6,717,055.98 + $5,531,871.45, totals a very substantial $12,248,927.43 or 10.13% of the prize pool.

  4. In all, in the 2013, and 2016 federal elections, the Liberal-National Coalition, the Australian Labour Party and the Australian Greens received a massive $110,775,793  of taxpayer’s money , i.e. 91.57% of the 1st Preference Bonanza Lottery prize pool.

How to reduce this massive  ‘Poll Tax’

Whilst this poll tax can’t be shut down without the political parties passing a law to revoke this tax, (a fantasy dream), the amount paid to the mainstream parties can be slashed very easily. the solution is relatively simple:

  1. On the huge WHITE ballot paper, vote BELOW the line in every election, federal, state or territory.

  2. If you want the Liberal-national Coalition, Labour or the Greens to win, give them your 2nd Preference vote.

  3. Your 1st Preference vote should go to some one who is totally unknown, i.e. a 1st Timer INDEPENDENT candidate, or alternately, the person who has come either last or 2nd last in a previous election.

  4. By giving your 1st preference vote  to some one who will be unlikely to pick up the minimum 4% of 1st preference votes, that person receives no payments, i.e. no ‘Poll Tax’ on 1st Preference votes is paid.

  5. Voting below the line on the WHITE ballot paper may give you between 30 – 150 candidates to pick from and if enough people vote below the line, your mainstream preferred candidate may win on 2nd or 3rd preferences, or even on 23rd preferences, but they loose out on the 1st Preference Poll Tax payments.

So, to reduce the Poll Tax on 1st preference votes, just don’t give this vote to mainstream party candidates.

  1. On Saturday 17th March 2018, when South Australians vote for new state government, in my electorate I have 4 mainstream candidates and 1 newcomer.

  2. In next Saturday’s election in South Australia, my 1st preference vote will go to the-new-kid-on-the-block, whilst my 2nd preference will go to the candidate that I hope wins the election.

  3. In the Upper House – the big WHITE ballot paper, there are 22 mainstream (Liberal-National, ALP & Greens) candidates and 20 minor party and un-grouped Independent candidates vying for 11 seats.

  4. By voting below the line, I can randomly give  votes to 5 Independent or minor party candidates and the next 6 votes to the candidates that I want to win.

  5. My preferred winners may be spread across the 4 mainstream parties with 1 each from the 2 minor parties, or visa versa.

  6. The end result is that I vote as I want and not as the money grubbing mainstream parties want me to vote.

  7. By having a diverse range of groups in the Upper house, no party dominates and extremist policies have little chance of being railroaded through the Upper House, regardless of who wins in the Lower House and forms government.


  • Vote smart and you not only reduce the massive, taxpayer funded, Poll Tax on 1st Preference “Above the Line” votes that funnels money in the coffers of political parties, you also deprive them of the ability to make stupid laws.

  • That is called a WIN-WIN result for voters.

Ron Medlicott – A Taxpayer and a Christian volunteer lay-advocate



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1 Response to The Poll Tax on 1st Preference Voting – Think in terms of “the 1st Preference Bonanza Lottery.”

  1. I say put all these major party scumbags at the bottom of the paper, i.e. absolute last with the greens there too. All these elections are just a waste of time and money if the major party scumbags are not put last.

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