Part 47. Australia’s “irrelevant” Crimes against Humanity: Norma – the human face of Australia’s silent holocaust.

Norma is the visible face of Australia’s silent holocaust.

To understand the above statement you need to watch a 6-minute video of a ‘today tonight’ segment that was broadcast on the 8th May 2018.

Before I provide the URL for this segment you need to be aware of the High Court’s Hellicar and Bhardwaj decisions.

NOTE: The short link URL for this posting is:


In May 2012, at paragraphs 141 – 143, the High Court ruled that in disputes between government regulators that involve financial issues, it is for a court, not the regulator to decide the facts upon which a fair and correct decision can be made. This costs Centrelink an average of $25,000, but in some cases has cost over $500,000. The work-around to these court costs has been to simply skip ‘Due Process of Law’ and impose fines or recover money without a court decision.


In March 2002, the High Court ruled that if there is no lawful jurisdiction, i.e. no legal right, to make a legal decision, then, in law, there is no legally valid decision and the legally valid decision has yet to be made.

There are many court decisions that invalidate Centreleink’s fraudulent ‘Robo-Debt’ claims, which explains why Centrelink, at the direction of the Turnbull Government, deliberately avoid taking welfare recipients to courts. Some of these are listed in previous postings if you wish to check them out.

NORMA – the face of Australia’s silent holocaust can be viewed at:

If you believe in helping Aussie battlers who are being shafted by the system, please provide feedback via the ‘today tonight’ CONTACT link and point out that Norma’s constitutional and legal rights are being ruthlessly raped by the Turnbull Government. If enough people do this, perhaps Channel 7’s lawyers will admit that Norma is the victim of a massive fraud.

Ron Medlicott – Registered teacher and a Christian volunteer lay-advocate


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