Christchurch: 50 massacred. The Robo Debt Fraud (mark 2 version), 2,030 massacred.

Christchurch: 50 massacred. The Robo Debt Fraud (mark 2 version),

2,030 massacred.


As the latest response from the South Australian Police (SAPOL) to the on-going defrauding and massacre of welfare recipients reveals, SAPOL’s the official approach to dealing with the worst cases of mass fraud and serial murder since Federation still remains unchanged. Dated 26th February 2019, SAPOL’s latest letter, written by Chief Inspector Tim Curtis, is yet another example of a truly bizarre response to murder reports:

26-2-2019 Tim Curtis 2 certUnbelievable! If anyone reports a murder, SAPOL rush to the scene or virtually ‘rubber-hose’ the people reporting the crime, because they are the chief suspects. HOWEVER, IF THE VICTIM IS A WELFARE RECIPIENT, THEN THE “We’ll call you later” response kicks in!

Unfortunately SAPOL’S response to the defrauding and murder of welfare recipients follows the standard line of the Australian Crime Commission, and every other police force in Australia:ACC

Note the date of the Australian Crime Commission’s refusal to investigate what I now would regard as the ROBO DEBT FRAUD (Mark 1 version), which ripped off 20,000 unsuspecting welfare recipients per year.

ROBO DEBT (Mark 2) targeted 20,000 per week!

As George Brandis confessed in this YouTube video, the Liberal-National coalition “inherited” the (randomly lethal) ROBO DEBT (mark 1) fraud from none other that good ol’e BOB HAWKE, i.e. listen for the statement by Senator Brandis that “We inherited  from you” in the original “Brandis confession” posting on YouTube at

[Fast forward to the 10 minute: 30 second mark and discover who created the original (Mark 1) Robo Debt Fraud.]

NOTE: The YouTube video below has a shortened version of The Brandis Confession so as to get other information into the 15 minute free upload time limit.

Once a welfare recipient challenges a Centrelink decision, only a court can make a legally valid decision about the facts. Knowing this, Malcolm Turnbull and a bus load of Coalition Ministers, just ignored the High Court’s binding decisions and ripped off welfare recipients.

The result: 2,030 dead in 753 days!


Below is the URL link for this posting:


PLEASE, if you want to help to end a politically driven humanitarian disaster, copy the URL above and email to 10 of your friends.

Do that every day for 10 days, and ask your friends to do the same.


This is what will happen if you share this URL:

(A) 10 people for 10 days = 100 people.

(B) if those 100 people tell 10 people a day for another 10 days, that is 10,000 who will know the truth in just 20 days.

(C) 10,000 x 100 = 1,000,000 in just 30 days, i.e. in just 1 month, if you start with just one “TELL TEN” and 100 email friends in 10 days, in 30 days, one million people will know about the Centrelink Robo Debt Massacres.

Yes, the Christchurch Massacre was truly horrific, but when you compare the 50 deaths in Christchurch with the 2,030 Robo Debt (Mark 2) Massacre, you have a death toll that is 40 TIMES LARGER.

Please, TELL TEN,

Ron Medlicott. Registered teacher and a  volunteer Christian lay-advocate.






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