A Turner Law legal briefing that provides insight into why the Robo Debt (Mark 2) Massacre is a case of Mass Averment Fraud and Murder.

The following link is to a free, on-line  legal briefing by Karen Turner of Turner Law that unintentionally provides case law insight into why the Robo Debt (Mark 2) Massacre is an extreme case of Mass Averment that has resulted in mass fraud and potentially one of the the worst cases of serial murder since Federation in 1901.

NOTE: The short link to this posting is: https://wp.me/p1n8TZ-1js

Karen Stanley, a hot-shot lawyer gives a FREE legal summary of the South Australian LIDAR Speed Gun fiasco. This briefing is posted at:


I strongly recommend that you either read the briefing, or, alternately, watch and listen to the video that I have prepared that includes an avatar reading  Ms. Stanley’s briefing paper.

You should pay very close attention to the inserted case law citations, especially the definition of AVERMENTS and the dangers in the  misuse of this legal trickery.

For example, at paragraph 38, in Police versus Hanton Justice Peek cited Justice Derrington in Charlton versus  Rogers; 1985

“It must not be forgotten that although they are ascribed the status of prima facie evidence, averments are none the less mere allegations.”

Their employment can create a risk that a conviction may be recorded against an individual where there is actually no evidence adduced against the alleged offender other than the making of such an allegation

“Averment” is actually the legal term for the randomly lethal, fraudulent Robo Debt claims that George Brandis reckoned was “not a bad thing” even though he knew that it was randomly killing innocent people.

Once you have seen this video, you will know how and why the Robo Debt (Mark 2) Fraud has worked so well  at the systemic level for at least 30 years.


Ronald Medlicott.

[Registered teacher and a Christian volunteer lay-advocate]


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