Robo Debt: A Distant Trumpet – the 7:30 Report and Victorian Legal Aid are finally responding to this lethal fraud.

Far too late for the dead, like the distant trumpet sound of a cavalry charge, both the 7:30 Report and Victorian Legal Aid are now making the right noises when it comes to the randomly lethal Robo Debt Fraud.

Note: The short link for this posting is:

Survivors of this viciously brutal fraud should check this out:

7-30 Report on Robo Debt


(1) Watch the video and, if you are a victim of the fraudulent Robo Debt scam, use the Contact link on the webpage and contact the ABC and ask to speak to a 7:30 reporter.

(2) Alternately, contact Victorian Legal Aid and tell your story to one of their lawyers or para-legal assistants. If you can’t afford an STD call from another state, either write a letter or send an email.

(3) Victims of the Robo Debt fraud are not just entitled to have their money back; they are also entitled to Victims of crime Compensation.

(4) If a close family member died as a result of Robo Debt, whether from suicide, heart attack, stroke, or another linked cause, then $28 million in compensation is not an unreasonable amount. That was what the family of a Sydney woman, Justine Damond, accepted as compensation for her murder by a Minneapolis police officer.

Damond payout

The compensation paid to Justine Damond’s family represents just the baseline amount as her death was not classified as either “confidential” or “irrelevant” by the US Senate, and her convicted killer, Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor, was not allowed to continue to randomly kill other innocent people who had done no wrong.

Keenan lie cropSuicide rate 2018

Check out the following responses to my November 2005 submissions to 2 Senate committees concerning the mounting death toll caused by Austral;ia’s recklessly dangerous, randomly lethal welfare policies and practices.


EWRE irrelevant deadEWRE Submission

EWRE IrrelevantLEGCON Suppression Order page 1

In 2005 and 2006, the Australian Senate considered the political policy driven deaths of welfare recipients to be:

  1. “not relevant”;

  2. “irrelevant”;

  3. “confidential”.

At $28 Million per death, the Senate may now be less inclined to dismiss these deaths as “irrelevant”.

However, that is $28 Million per death worth of reasons to maintain the slowly crumbling wall of official secrecy that surrounds these murders.

Ronald Medlicott – Christian volunteer lay-advocate



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