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The Kyle Sandiland decision and the ACMA’s current investigation ot the 7 Network’s degrading and humilating “Welfare gravy train” comment.

On 27 January 2012 the ACMA announced an investigation into an incident in which Kyle Sandiland allegedly broadcast humiliating sexist remarks that targeted a journalist, Alison Stephenson. On 27 March 2012 The ACMA revealed its finding and announced that its … Continue reading

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Tony Abbott and the unreported Performance Indicator Target fatalities have been referred to the SA Attorney-General

Below is a copy of letter to an ACMA investigator which related to a complaint that the 7 Network may have violated South Australia’s 75 year old Felony Murder by concealing FY 2000-01 Performance indicator target fatalities, i.e. Breaching Quota … Continue reading

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